Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All PSYched up over Jackie Chan


The rabid opposition supporters that is.

I have been inundated with quite a bit of chain e-mails and SMS text messages from friends, known to be opposition supporters, regarding the recent Jackie Chan graced fund raiser in Kuantan.

Of course, most of it uncomplimentary as would be expected and for good measure linking Korean superstar, PSY, in the process.

These opposition types have turned into everyday hulks. Yes indeed, into green-eyed monsters. Green with envy at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's star attracting events.

Recall, gangnam style inventor, PSY's appearing for Barisan Nasional in Penang.

In the run up to the occasion, that undemocratic Penang chief minister and DAP secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, contrived to be a spoiler and party pooper. It is in the psyche of Pakatan Rakyat leaders to politicise everything our PM does and in this case a Chinese New Year open house.

But, in this case, it must be the jealousy factor. Lim Guan Eng cannot be seen to be critical to a Malaysian culture of having open houses, especially for the benefit of the Chinese populace celebrating the lunar new year.

In the same breath, it came as no surprise that the islamist party and Pakatan Rakyat partner, PAS, was against the Psy show at Barisan Chinese New Year open house in Penang

All this envy among the opposition faithful must be turning to angst when Jackie Chan gave our prime minister a a most welcome helping hand. With the presence of the Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan, an astounding 3 million ringgit (US$958,000) was raised from the auction of two Richard Mille watches and a painting during SM Chong Hwa's fund-raising dinner and concert.

As in everything opposition, the heavy opposition leaning news portal, Malaysiakini would only quote Bernama grudgingly but with a heavy spin of a headline, "Najib ropes in Jackie Chan to woo Kuantan Chinese".

No one in the Pakatan Rakyat especially the DAP and even their most ardent supporting online news portals could come out to be critical of PM Datuk Seri Najib and the event itself. Not even PAS. It was for a worthy cause and it was for Chinese education.

PAS is well known for its anti-entertainment stance. PAS will always find something un-Islamic when it comes to entertainment. Not so with Jackie Chan.

Entertainment, popular music and movies, like sports cut across all barriers of nationalities and race. PSY and Jackie Chan popular entertainers, as a dancer/musician and action actor respectively, have a huge following globally and among Malaysians.

The opposition cannot be blamed, I must admit, accusing our PM and BN for using star power to increase it's popularity. However, if its for worthy causes, no one can find fault in that. After all, PAS too has its admirers among entertainers.

One that springs to mind is actor, politically correct descriptively but maybe not for PAS, Abby Abadi. The actor is an avowed PAS supporter but sad to say she is no superstar when compared to PSY and JC.

In fact in the local entertainment field, she is small potatoes. So, PSY and JC gracing BN events must be driving, the moderate and even extreme. PAS leaders into frenzy state of envy.

The small potato PAS supporting actor, dear Abby, is just like the movie term "dumb blonde".

Go figure "Abby Abadi: Muslim artistes will work only after Pakatan takes power".

Now you know why PAS is really green, not only with envy.

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Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of sour grapes!
Say what they like, truth hurts!
And the truth is BN is on the rise again, showing that it put aside petty politics to lead Malaysia to greater heights.
Jackie and PSy only shows that they too have no qualms coming to Malaysia!

Abby who? Which movie did she act in again?