Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lim Kit Siang Johore Gambit - BN Must Attack

(continuing from my previous post, The Lim Kit Siang Oddyssey - Its Not Johore)

Now, the opposition did not win Penang, or rather the DAP did not win Penang. BN lost it. At the height of widespread displeasure with the federal government of the day and other contributing factors.

It is the reverse now. There is growing displeasure with Lim Guan Eng, the state government and the opposition pact in Penang -

Displeasure at the DAP that can only have a positive impetus for a shift back to Barisan Nasional.

But DAP national elections fiasco has had the most devastating affect for the DAP in more ways than one. The election results saw non-Chinese members, especially the Malay members being completely sidelined and by Indian members being underrepresented.

Worst still, the DAP party elections confirmed, what many has always maintained, the DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party. Even the Human Rights Party has called the Penang CM a racist.

Digressing, the DAP cannot even manage its own party elections yet criticises and condemns the Election Commission at every turn.

I won't even bother to mention their numerous false promises but I will mention one.

While the BN government given us BR1M, ask Lim Guan Eng whether DAP has delivered on its promise to Penangites a "bonus of up to Rm6,000 for those with household income of rm6,000 or less per annum" as stated in their 2008 election manifesto.

It must indeed be desperate times for the DAP and Lim Guan Eng to endorse the self-confessing would be Lynas arsonist as candidate on a DAP ticket, another diversion IMHO.

As the saying goes - the best form of defence is to attack.

If, I say if, the DAP "assault" in Johore is a real political exercise to reach Putrajaya and while the BN is well prepared to defend an intrusion, it better for the BN to attack.

Those of my generation will recall an old opposition election gimmick, when thy never had any chance - vote BN for federal government, opposition for state.

It will be no gimmick for the BN, if the DAP is intent on making a foray into Johore for federal seats, then BN must make a concerted attack for Penang state seats.

All BN component parties must pool all its resources to concentrate and attack the DAP in the state seats.

That would put whatever machinations the DAP has in their real intention, not Putrajaya but retaining Penang, into disarray.

An attack on Penang will hurt the DAP most.

As I said before, BN retaking Penang is not impossible.

In conclusion, I will submit, Lim Kit Siang is will do anything for his son, Lim Guan Eng. Lim Kit Siang is willing to be a sacrificial lamb for his son, to remain chief minister of Penang.

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