Sunday, March 17, 2013

PI Bala - PII Americk Singh Sidhu

Go find it yourself, Americk Singh Sidhu has claimed, quoting an online news portal,
"(Cecil) Abraham apologised to him over the drafting of SD2 and admitted that it was done on the instruction of Najib. Americk said he had promised Abraham to keep the information between themselves, but he opted to reveal it today after considering the late Balasubramaniam’s quest for justice."
Breaking a promise for justice, how noble indeed.

Do I trust Messr Americk? You be the judge.

Malaysikini , "The truth about Bala's first statutory declaration", Americk Sidhu 15 March 2013,
"Valen had met Bala two years earlier, when Valen was engaged to represent Razak Baginda (before Razak was arrested). Bala and Razak were actually in Valen’s office at 7.30am the day Razak was arrested.

As Bala related the unfolding of events to me, I recorded everything in long hand, pausing every so often to cross-examine’ Bala on certain points to ensure his memory was indeed vivid and that there was no embellishment of anything he was narrating to me.

Bala cross-checked each detail by reference to the archives he had stored in his lap top, which was always kept open before him throughout the entire interviews"
From the annals of history, after much cross-examining to ensure PI Bala's memory was vivid and after Bala had cross checked each detail, the PI Bala Americk prepared Statutory Declaration Item 51 courtesy of anwaribrahimblog,
51. On the day Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested, I was with him at his lawyers office at 6.30 a.m.
So what? Those of you on the other side will say. Okay.

Here's more "truth about Bala's first",
"As the restaurant we were in was closing, we decided to adjourn to the Backyard pub down the road to continue our conversation. This is when fellow lawyer R Sivarasa turned up and joined us. The discussion continued.

Sivarasa felt Bala’s story ought to be documented in a statutory declaration as the Altantuya murder trial was still ongoing at that stage"
Well, here is a more vivid recollection of Americk Singh Sidhu at the time, the day PI Bala made the U-turn, to be precise.

From the anal of time in non other than Anwar Ibrahim's blogpost, "Thank you for joining the live webcast of the press conference. KeADILan Vice President Sivarasa Rasiah (MP for Subang) and lawyer for P. Balasubramaniam, Americk Sidhu’s statements are below,"
— PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BY AMERICK SINGH SIDHU — 4 July 2008, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - "I first met Mr. Bala in the presence of a few other persons in a restaurant about two months ago where he asked me to assist with preparing a formal document incorporating some evidence that had not been presented in the ongoing Altantuya trial."

Fast forward after the above, also from the anal of time from Anwar Ibrahim's blogpost 25 November 2009,"Lawyer: Najib ‘Linked’ To Bala’s Disappearance", click on pic.

Even if you don't want to listen, listen, listen. Surely you can see, see, see.

Sivarasa, Americk, Anwar et al. Please excuse me for the expletive, I don't trust these fuckers.


Anonymous said...

Would you trust "lembu woman', popiah woman, handbag woman and will you simply trust najib's silence ? I dont trust anyone of them but i'll vote PR for sure.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are no different to politicans. They have been professionally trained to lie.

Anonymous said...

It's all known what is your prob?

Anonymous said...

Its not important if Americk is reliable or not. He is just a messenger.

Its only the issue of who asked Cecil to do it. So lets ask him. Don't you agree ? - peter

joseph said...

anon@8:18: now now..don't get emotional..

why bring them in the discussion..

like that i ask -- you trust someone like Anwar Ibrahim -- serial s*******, come on..

ok lah.. you don't mind someone like him as PM.

you can't listen listen listen...then see see see lah. blind, aah?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.18

Dont be a moron ok..

Najib has taken the oath under Islam.. so no more to say lah..

dont take a religious oath lightly.. i heard Bala took an oath with the bhagavad gita.. and see what happened to him..

go and ask you Nuar Berahi to take oath lah..