Friday, March 15, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Have been out of commission for awhile so much so writer's block seem to have afflicted me. Putting food on the table has been tough the past month. Perusing the online news and blogs is no longer a luxury as before.

But I am not going to bitch and complain.

A helpless and guilty feeling lingered all this while given my present circumstance, the feeling of not contributing to what we all hold dear - support for the only government we have ever known that has taken us where we are today.

The opposition can never take that away from the ruling party and they will never give credit, no way no how, for the ruling party's achievements at home, admired abroad.

And BN is poised to take us even to further heights in every avenue for a more peaceful, harmonious and prosperous nation. Trademarks of this our country, Malaysia.

If anything, the opposition has done everything to dismantle the most important contributing factor for those trademarks, unity. They thrive only by disuniting us.

Taking a peek at the goings on, especially on the other side, anyone can see the benefit in PM Datuk Seri Najib prolonging time for the ultimate 13th GE.

The longer it takes, the more the discreditable opposition pact crumbles. Crumbling under the weight of hypocrisy, inept deceit and dysfunction.

Take for example, something old, Sodomy.

Sodomy II, in my opinion by some contrived means, intends to take us to a different perspective of that con artist extraordinaire, Anwar Ibrahim.

The father, of the victim who reported being sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim, has apologised to the alleged perpetrator. I mean, here is a perpetrator sentenced to be jailed and then freed of sodomy by the highest court in the land. But in freeing the perpetrator, the highest court in the land, still held this perpetrator to be a sodomite, a homosexual sodomite.

What type of father is this? The jury is out on whether the father did the right thing depending on which side, of Anwar Ibrahim id est, one is at.

Imagine this, "Datuk Seri, I apologise for all the grief you have gone through by my son's unfounded allegation of being rear-ended by your good self, even though my son has sworn on the Koran this as a fact. Even though you as a father yourself, as a matter of fact been certified 99.99% and caught on video, to be philandering with a China doll."

But as in all things Anwar Ibrahim, the father has not apologised for being a PKR sycophant. Just like that suspended economist and his dastardly deed.

This intention to take us to a different perspective of Anwar Ibrahim is thwarted.

Thwarted by something new, a revelation and "The real story of Anwar’s Sodomy II",
"There were traces of Anwar’s DNA in his (Saiful's) rectum"
And for good measure, what we all know, no need to say we told you so and so and so,
"Anwar is a consummate liar. He is using Saiful’s dad to play up his victim role in order to garner votes. We all know for a fact that since he got acquitted he has lost that bit of “charm” about him as he has nothing to yell about anymore. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned" - Yuktes Vijay, a former Anwarista, worked in Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial for the defence
There is also, of course, the usual suspects and vermins coming out of the woodwork.

Coming out of the woodwork, borrowing.

Borrowing from Raja Petra Kamarudin, a deceitful weapon of choice, statutory declarations or SDs.

What is there to say about that PI fellow who is, as RPK himself stops short of saying, a liar and possible accomplice to murder of a Mongolian woman? With the desperate carpetbagger thrown into the mix.

And speaking of borrowing, I could not believe my eyeballs, the would be Lynas arsonist borrowing, and those Chinese chauvinists allowing, a rocket for his fiery ends.

So, if prolonging elections is giving the opposition, with their pact of lies and deceit, the blues, here is why.

Here is why and something blue.

And that is also why I'm feeling blue but not minding the wait.

Talking about blues and the best that he can do.

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