Saturday, March 2, 2013

Videos, Sex Video and RCIs

One of my komuter mates alerted me to a video parodying citizenship for foreigners to vote BN. By the way, my mate is from the other side of the political fence but a decent chap and not the rabid type.

Anyway, he texted the link here and its certainly makes for some comic relief. The massage of the video - "conspiracy" to bolster votes for BN.

I must credit the maker of the video clip, the concept requiring cheap talent for a low budget clip.

By the way speaking of videos, videos are legally speaking mere hearsay unless undisputedly corroborated in a court of law. Its the same with SDs.

SD ala RPK, SD ala Bala.

And speaking of conspiracies and SDs, these are standard opposition procedures, SOPs of the opposition as it were and more so now.

You see, these SOPs of "alleged" conspiracies and preposterous statutory declarations, are trademarks closely connected to the, yes he is, no he isn't or maybe the opposition designated PM, Anwar Ibrahim.

This spoofy "citizenship for BN vote" video, there is no guarantee and way of knowing they will vote BN any way, is evidently nothing more than a futile stunt to discredit the ruling BN and as mentioned earlier, unproven hearsay. Manufactured at that.

But that on again, off again opposition designated PM Anwar Ibrahim has the dubious distinction of having a starring role in a explicitly sexual video with a China doll, in Oscar winning "The Artist" black and white style, is no hearsay.

This video is no stunt with the opposition PM designate in all his glory, doing his own over the top stunts, certified 99.99% as the main actor in a court of law.

Coming back to the cheap lampooning video clip, it is obviously timed to exploit the ongoing RCI in Sabah. An RCI clamoured by the opposition not unlike the opposition demanded Lingam video RCI.

Strangely but not surprisingly, the sexploits of Anwar Inbrahim, did not elicit any such demand from the opposition for an RCI as to the authenticity of the sex tape.

And that says it all.

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Anonymous said...

Anwar is also human with urge. Even the Pope also was unable to control his urge. So Anwar case is nothing. Anyway every wrong doing will someday uncovered.