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Catholic Opposition Front

Firstly, my grateful thanks to those who have taken the time to visit this blog and offering their comments. I apologise for not giving any response or reply. I have made it a point to do so in the past. Due to work constraints my time blogging has been somewhat confined.

Back to the subject at hand.

Datuk Rocky has this posting,"Sunday election a bane to Malaysian Christians? Tell that to the Venezuelans!", I had wanted to respond to the complaint, putting it mildly, of Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan.

Never in my experience as a voter and as a Catholic have I ever witnessed the intensity of Christian political activism in any general election.

Even the Catholic church has gotten into this act - a video presentation of voting in the coming GE 13. Yes, of course the first time voters need to be educated in the election process. And yes, we must choose the most appropriate candidate/party that will best serve everyone's interest.

But all voters are adults and surely as adults you are matured enough to decide for yourself who you desire to vote for. You do not need anyone to tell or advise you how or who to vote for.

So what has the Church got to do in all of this? No matter how hard they try, the Christian church leaders and my church included it seems, they cannot hide their partialness and prejudice in favour of the opposition.

My daughter had just fulfilled her sacrament of Confirmation the last Sunday.

Knowing that Rev Father Archbishop Murphy Pakiam would be present for the sacrament, I had wanted to personally present a letter of complaint, also putting it mildly, to the Archbishop.

A letter of complaint that priests are actively preaching politics from the pulpit. Preaching politics from the pulpit is one thing, being wholly biased is another and I abhor both.

I must add here blogger "Can You See It" has beaten me to the altar with his, "An open letter to my Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan"

I had always believed that elements within the Malaysian Catholic Church were to be blamed for influencing church leaders in this present state of affairs.

However, my letter to Rev Father Murphy would have included the Archbishop himself, seeing his message on the coming elections, flashed in mass, which smacks of the same albeit disguised partisanship.

Shout blasphemy and I couldn't care less.

I did not do so, presenting a letter of complaint to Archbishop Murphy that is, only because I would be guilty of the same transgression, mixing religion with politics.

And of course, it would have meant inadvertently dragging my daughter into a matter that does not involve her at all, not to mention and more importantly exploiting the celebration a holy sacrament.

I am not going to be so kind as blogger Tony Yew, Catholics like it or not, I will be very blunt.

I speak as a Catholic, speaking honestly and although I have great respect, I don't give a hoot about the other Christian denominations. I will only say they are worst than Catholics when it comes to political activism and partisanship for the sole purpose of evangelism.

Catholics must be reminded that Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission as published by and in the Vatican,

Quote Pope John Paul II, with emphasis,
"In their generous service to the gospel ideal, some priests feel drawn to political involvement in order to help more effectively in reforming political life and in eliminating injustices, exploitation, and every type of oppression. The Church reminds them that on this road it is easy to be caught in partisan strife, with the risk of helping not to bring about the just world for which they long, but new and worse ways of exploiting poor people. In any case they must know that they have neither the mission nor the charism from above for this political involvement and activism

It should be added that the presbyter's right to express his own personal choices is limited by the requirements of his priestly ministry. This limitation too can be an aspect of the poverty he is called to practice following Christ's example. In fact, he can sometimes be obliged to abstain from exercising his own right so that he can be a strong sign of unity, and thus proclaim the Gospel in its fullness. Even more, he must avoid presenting his own choice as the only legitimate one, and within the Christian community, he should respect the maturity of the laity (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1196), and even work to help them achieve that maturity by forming their consciences (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1194). He will do what is possible to avoid making enemies by taking political stands that cause distrust and drive away the faithful entrusted to his pastoral mission.
Rev Father Archbishop Murphy Pakiam and Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan, are you not also priests?

By recalling the following episode, I say the majority of Catholics are bloody hypocrites.

It was first reported in the online portal Mole, "Midway though sermon, priest gets ticking off".

Let me tell you that that senior person who ticked off the priest had more guts than me, and others like me, who have also walked out during mass. Disgusted with politics from the pulpit.

It was no propaganda and spin reporting by the Mole, it was corroborated, by Mr John Xavier in the opposition leaning online news portal The Malaysian Insider entitled "The Church and democracy"

Here is Mr Xavier's half-truths and ignorance, also emphasised,
It is never a surprise when a parishioner stands up to speak or give his opinion although it is hardly done. What was unprecedented was the applause given to the priest. That is never done.

And it was a standing applause done twice, unlike what a news portal had reported yesterday.

This type of response is not isolated to just one church. Some might agree, some might not. No one is infallible, except the pope.

Christians are taught by faith to stand up for the oppressed and the truth and expect their priests and pastors to speak on matters which are important to the faithful.

If there is any lesson to be learnt from the Assumption Church, it is that democracy is alive in the church. That everyone can speak their mind. And the congregation can decide whose ideas they like better.
What a laugh.

Firstly, I pose this question to Mr Xavier, is the election of our Pope democratic? Unashamedly it is not,
“History was being made behind closed doors. It was undemocratic, it was nontransparent and it was wonderful."
And why are Catholics bloody hypocrites?

Post 2008, Catholics are grieving, as a minority, of being "oppressed" and "persecuted" with their rights "trampled" upon to appease the majority, the Muslim Malays.

If Mr Xavier proudly declares, in his version of events, that "democracy is alive in the church", what humbug when these priests preaching pro-opposition gospel from the pulpit do not respect my rights, as a minority, being pro-government do not wish to hear such prejudicial homilies to appease the majority. And getting applauded in the process.

I have always had this sentiment and had wanted to say this publicly and I will say it now.

Pro-opposition Catholics, as I have just said and thus won't even mention the other Christian denominations, fall into two categories - racists, the anti-Malays and bigots, the Islamophobic.

Before you virtuous Catholic lot start condemning me and refute my sentiment as unfounded by saying that Catholics now accept the other Malay and Muslim party, PAS, I will tell you it is only because these Catholics who would be mostly Chinese really believe their brethren opposition propaganda lies that DAP will save them from PAS' Islamic extremities.

Just like Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan believing and relieved by PAS deputy president Mat Sapu's assurance, in a word or two, when the Rev Father Bishop became painfully puzzled by PAS flip-flop. Selective ignorance is bliss or just plain stupid.

Either way, accepting PAS makes Catholics bigger bloody hypocrites.

By the way, I do not understand why Rev Father Paul Tan is making a meal about polling day on Sunday. For you bible toting Catholics, didn't our Jesus Christ ask in Luke 14:5,
And responding to them, he said, “Which of you will have a donkey or an ox fall into a pit, and will not promptly pull him out, on the day of the Sabbath?”
Yes, selective ignorance is indeed bliss and just plain stupid.

And before you pious Catholic lot start throwing stones at me, for calling you racists and bigots, look at yourself in the mirror and deep down admit it to yourself.

Archbishop Murphy, ahem Tan Sri's, call in his message for the all consuming and synonymous opposition call for free and fair elections, will be happily read and smiled in agreement by the opposition loving Catholics.

Yet these same Catholics will revile the head of their own Catholic church when the shoe is on the other foot. Yes indeed, "Ahead of Malaysia-Vatican ties, an archbishop under siege".

Tomorrow is nomination day.

Pakatan Rakyat should field the following loyal opposition supporters, who I am absolutely certain will be willing to disrobe, to stand in the 13th GE.

As mentioned by Mr Xavier - Father Jean-Claude, Tony Yew definitely will agree - Father Paulino Miranda and my choice because a very close first cousin not for the only time also walked out of church during his homily - Father Leonard Lexson.


I would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks to a very good friend without whom celebrating my daughter's Confirmation would not have been such a joyous occasion. Bro, if you are reading this danke, danke.

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