Saturday, April 20, 2013

DAP and The Mother of All Cons

And you still want to support this Chinese chauvinistic, con artist, drama, crocodile tears party.

A dead giveaway,
"As decided by the central executive committee members during the emergency meeting late last night at the party headquarters, if no official letter from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) by 3pm today, DAP will stick to the earlier decision of using the party symbol of our two partners in Pakatan" - Karpal Singh
The Star on DAP's biggest hoax this millenium, "DAP’s non-existent ‘threat",
That means the DAP is still in business as the ROS had not declared the elections null and void or the central committee (CEC) null and void. Any decision about the legality of the elections would only come after the party had replied.
Read between the lines, when the so-called "issue" broke, Sundaily reported the drama,
"Lim (Kit Siang) said there should be no issue of de-registration, judgment or action before the ongoing probe and official inquiry are completed."
Lim Kit Siang himself says that de-registration, then it must also follow including non-recognition of the CEC, cannot be decided until the ROS probe is completed, similar to The Star analysis and corroborated by Karpal Singh's slip of the lip above.

If DAP had taken the ROS letter to expressly mean that the DAP CEC is null and void then how can there be any CEC to decide anything, according to Karpal Singh.

Everyone should have smelt a rat, stinking in the DAP.

An issue as huge as this which would jeopardise and change the whole complexion of the 13th GE, especially for the opposition Chinese and their endearment to the Rocket symbol, would have raised a hue and cry that would have rocked the heavens and earth.

But there was hardly any protest from the Pakatan Rakyat partners, no Tony Pua type dramatic press statements and even the most vocal opposition leaning online mediums were conspicuously quiet.

Instead there were tears, did you believe it, from the most combative and highest ranking DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang crocodile tears.

Where were all usual suspect lawyers, the suing kinds, the loyarburok experts from and including the Bar Council, throwing their dua sen worth interpreting the contents of the ROS letter? Or, the usual suspect lawyers would have gone helter-skelter to the courts for legal recourse.

Come on lah, let's not take and eat shit. If the contents of the ROS letter meant and caused such a predicament and with it the dire consequences, you can bet your last dollar copies of the letter would have gone viral on the net gangnam style.

Instead we had DAP drama, Zee and Celestial channel style.

Then there is the relief. I do not know about the rest but can anyone explain how an official government (is it caretaker government) letter be sent and receive after office hours? DAP adviser or whatever Lim Kit Siang told reporters at the sideline of the candidates nomination today that ROS had sent the letter to DAP at 9.30pm last night!

Either and any way, this too, stinks.

Whatever anyone thinks, opines and conclude about this DAP drama, consider the following.

Would the die-hard chauvinist Chinese opposition supporters, especially in Penang, put a cross, pun intended, for the Moon on the ballot paper?

I can almost smell these chauvinist Chinese opposition supporters in Penang puking at the very thought and some probably did.

Although it is not impossible for Barisan Nasional can retake Penang, almost everyone, except the politically naive, agree that DAP will retain Penang.

If it were true and DAP did use the PAS ticket and win, technically candidates would be representing PAS and technically Penang would be a PAS ruled state.
"However, for any elected representative elected on a party ticket to hop or cross over is an immoral, unethical and unprincipled act that shows utter contempt for the democratic choice of their voters. If they were elected on the party they represent, they should resign their seat and seek a fresh mandate from the people if they chose to leave the party platform on which they were elected on. Democracy, accountability and ethical conduct demands that the voters be given another opportunity to pass judgment whether such a decision by the elected representative to hop over is acceptable or not" - Lim Guan Eng
Now chew on that.


Anonymous said...

I don't think PAS would care DAP use its symbol since rocket landed on moon. While PSM uses DAP would be more than happy to use PAS symbol.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Kevin,

Reading your article, about DAP supporters crossing moon in the ballot paper.

What is interesting is that, who would have imagine,and not in anybody's wildest dream that Chinese would wave PAS flags, but this happen in the Lim Lit Siang Rally in Johor.

Chinese wave the moon and Malay wave the rocket. Perhaps a "color blind society" is not impossible at all in Malaysia.

It would be a better Malaysia if Racism is no longer the major issue.

Of course, I am sorry to say here that this would not sit well with your idol. The Dr.M.

You need to write what you have to write.

Technically, DAP cannot use the Rocket if the CEC of DAP not recognised be Ros. During nomination, the executive do not have the power to issue a the letter to use the rocket.

Legally, the EC can reject the rocket during nomination.

They prepared two logos during the is a good move.


Anonymous said...

This whole episode started from DAP's own failure to satisfy their own members through an internal election that reeked of fraud.

Since all Societies and Associations have a law to protect it from being manipulated, ROS was merel responding to DAP's own members complaining about their own CEC elections.

In asserting that the CEC's election had breached DAP's own party constitution (which was enforced by the ROS based on DAP's self written consitution when it was formed), ROS is merely following the law to the letter.

Here is where the drama unfolded.

Typical of DAP, they maipulate each situation (similar to how they manipulated TBH issue) to their own favour.

In order to cover up their own inadequacies, they blamed it on ROS for being an 'UMNO tool'.

And they concocted the hypothetical situation should their Party be de-registered, when all ROS did was to ask them to 'rectify' the situation.

The Societies act, though having an exception for political parties in terms of election irregularities (sec 18b) does also have a section 18c to address it, which is to give effect that the CEC is disqualified, and to repeat the election all again.

Unfortunately, the rakyat is not told about this, hence it appears that DAP is victimised!

Anonymous said...

Anon 18.14: Just waving a moon flag or a rocket flag, or a dacing flag for that matter, doth not maketh a man/woman as color blind as you perceive. I wouldn't read too much on that occasion alone. What say you if I perceive them to be hypocrites of the highest order? A certain denomination has that ability to play it safe in a crowd, but were they not the one who will abandon en masse when they think the going on the opposite was to their advantage? Some people were not actually color blind but the rainbow in their head is very colorful indeed.