Monday, April 1, 2013

Malaysian Opposition Politics for Dummies

Malaysian politics is in high gear in the lead up to the impending 13th general elections. As a guide to newbies and reference for oldies, here are some facts to figure in a Malaysian Politics for Dummies.

For starters, newly elected Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong as quoted in the The Malaysian Insider, "Bar Council: AGC has enough proof to reopen Altantuya murder file",
“The revelations by Deepak Jaikishan, the late Balasubramaniam Perumal, and Americk Singh Sidhu raise sufficient concern to warrant further investigations by the authorities"
"Sufficient concern", yes careful words, but alas concern and not sufficient proof. As a popular phrase goes, so where's the beef?

He said, she said. The late PI Bala said what Altantuya said and what Najib Baginda said, what Deepak said and finally what Americk Singh Sidhu said Cecil Abraham said.

For the dummies, here is a tidbit as posted in the Malaysian Bar website, "A look at the role and significance of statutory declarations",
"This means that if it refers to a fact which could be seen or heard, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he saw it or heard it. If it refers to a fact which could be perceived by any other sense or in any other manner, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he perceived it by that sense or in that manner. Therefore when a person makes a statement about what someone told him, it would only be primary evidence of the fact that someone told him so; it would not be primary evidence of what was told. This by itself would considerably devalue the probity or veracity of a statutory declaration"
And what has this got to do with politics? I would advise, unsolicited it may be, to the newly minted Bar president not to be a stooge because the Bar Council is nobody’s stooge, in the PKR heavily influenced PII Bala episode.

Then there's the hot in the press Pakatan Rakyat assault on Barisan Nasional stronghold state, Johore, as announced by their would be PM, Anwar Ibrahim, announcing Kit Siang to contest in Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.

The dummy entry is not about DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang. Its about the PKR supremo Anwar, the pornstar, Ibrahim.

In an interview with the Sundaily, DAP national organising secretary and Rasah MP, Anthony Loke, is quoted,
"People expect the MP to be accessible through social media. That is the basic expectation – if you have no FB or Twitter you are out of touch. You must be visible and accessible. It is no longer easy nowadays for a politician to say different things to a different audience anymore! If you are not consistent, you will be caught so easily. In those days, people say you speak to please the respective communities, but it's not possible these days. Anytime people can tape your speeches and put it up on YouTube. If you are saying two different things, you will be caught so easily."
It certainly sounds as if YB Anthony Loke is referring to the pornstar Anwar.

Apart from, “Plotting,” replies Mr Anwar, with a conspiratorial wink, this is what The Economist wrote of the DAP choice for PM,
This points to a trap waiting to catch the silver-tongued Mr Anwar, who deftly tells different audiences—religious or secular—what they like to hear.
And speaking of Anwar Ibrahim another another one for dummies. His daughter and smarty-pants Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah, has sued the election commission, in The Malaysian Insider "After Santiago, Nurul Izzah hauls EC to court on electoral roll,
"Nurul Izzah said that an additional 2,000 voters were expected to be registered in the Lembah Pantai electoral roll for the fourth quarter of 2012, totalling about 73,000 voters.

“We had 50,000 voters in 2008,” said the PKR vice-president."
Never mind that the EC had not been told of Nurul's dubious voters complaint and another usual opposition suspect from the Bar Council in the shape of loyar burok, Edmund Bon, and about phantom voters.

Why should Nurul Izzah be concerned about phantoms and increased number of voters? After all, not only on his assault on Johore but also other states, Lim Kit Siang confidently predicts in TMI, "Pakatan can win 12 more federal seats in Election 2013, says Kit Siang",
Lim said many of the seats he named had seen a significant jump in the number of first-time voters, whom he believed come from the younger generation and were likely to be drawn to PR’s policies compared to “BN’s scaremongering references to the past”.
See, see, see or not? Big jump in first time voters and likely to to vote Pakatan Rakyat.

For Nurul Izzah, a choice item for dummies - Lim Kit Siang makes no mention of phantom voters.

Yes, the assault on Johore is making tsunami waves and poor PKR Johore state chief, Datuk Jimmy Chua Jui Meng, seems to have sojourned himself to some of retreat and nowhere to be seen, sulking it seems.

Jimmy Chua Jui Meng could be looking for church leaders to cure his present bad luck. To clear the phantoms and demons. And voodoo.

The final entry of the day for dummies.

You see,
"He had been subtly charmed and had ‘voodoo’ planted into his body. It was through fervent prayers and fasting by church leaders that he was delivered and had seven needles taken out of his body in the name of Jesus"


Anonymous said...

Kevin, have you booked your plane tickets yet? (wink, wink).
The so and so told me the other day that ALL the BN big wigs, past and present have docked their ill gotten riches in those overseas banks and already bought their open dated airlines tickets.
Never fear though, when the GE13 results were announced all airports, seaports and PATI's jetties will be closed. There is no escape route for anybody, even those who voted for BN. So my source told me.
Nice ah? So very efficient.

sharifah said...

This is all UMNO conspiracy lah. If BN wins, its UMNO conspiracy. If PR wins, also UMNO conspiracy.... everything UMNO conspiracy. I write this also UMNO conspiracy .. the very the dummy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22

So confident of PR winning PRU13, eehh ??

Have you ever thought why PR won so many seats in PRU12 ??
Protest votes my friend ... not because PR was strong
PR likes to hype things ... just to make believe that they are strong
If you said DAP is strong ... I believe you because of Chinese voters
PR & PAS ??? Nahhh ... no more protest votes for them

Remember Sarawak last state election ??? lots of hype but poor performance by PR except for DAP
You can expect the result of PRU13 to follow the same pattern


Anonymous said...

another MCA DOG talking kok

colin said...

Ayoo moderation my C''k just publis it stupid idoit. If you wan my email account i can provide

colin said...

talking cock

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat supporters are looking more like a cult instead of some political thing these days.
One of these days after GE13 they probably have their own Jonestown Koolaid drinking day.
I jope the security forces and authorities will be prepared by then.