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Malaysian Opposition Politics for Dummies Partie Deux - Ambiga the Woeful Liar and Gems from Lim Kit Siang

In a previous I wrote "Dirty Ambiga does not even know how to lie properly. Ambiga tells, all who care to listen, she is impartial but you do not see her anywhere other than opposition organised events and now with the elections, election rallies".

In all fairness, here's BERSIH's madam "Ambiga: I don’t campaign for Pakatan", April 12, 2013 but do pay attention to the dates.

It is more, as a court judge would say, an afterthought, coming "under fire, with critics again taking a swipe at her for gracing opposition events despite insisting that the polls watchdog is non-partisan" in the same report.

Madam Ambiga defends that overused and expired opposition call for change,
Ambiga also explained that voter education included telling the people not to be afraid of change.

“There are those who frighten the people on the ground, especially the Indian community with talks of riot and whatnot if there is a change in government".
Riots? Indians? Yes, definitely one or two for the dummies.

Madam Ambiga came under fire because "Ambiga wows Seremban crowd", April 10, 2013, with that overused,
“Saudara, saudari,” she said. “Don’t be afraid of change. Nothing wrong with change. There are people who say, ‘Don’t change. If you change, we don’t know what will happen. There will be unrest and this and that.’

“Don’t believe them. Do you believe them?”

“No,” came the thunderous reply."
See, see, see or not. No? Brothers and sisters, if the thunderous reply implies the thousands in attendance do not believe people who say do not change because change will cause this and that, there is no need to tell them not to be afraid.

Well if Ambiga tried to cover her "change" of a story, dummies should recognise with ease,
“Both now have track records. You can compare [and decide] which is good governance, clean, transparent and accountable".
The CAT is out of the bag.

Remember the afterthought and the date? After the afterthought, food for thought the very next day "Bersih's Ambiga appears at Nurul Izzah event", Apr 14, 2013.

Stick around folks for the best entry for dummies.

Debate addict Nurul Izzah's "concerns include a massive increase in the number of voters in Lembah Pantai, from just more than 58,000 voters in 2008 to 71,000 voters in the third quarter of 2012", says that darn opposition leaning online news portal, Malaysiakini.

While Ambiga spares no effort deriding the Election Commission to fight "fraud", she says nothing about the complaints of fraudulent and unfair party elections to the ROS by members of the DAP. Worse, silent on Nurul Izzah's own massive fraudulent national party polls. By the way, do correct me if I am wrong, the complaints against the DAP were lodged by their own members the majority of whom are Indians. There you go Ambiga. Talking about change and Indians.

Here is the best entry for dummies.

It is true that the Lembah Pantai eligible voter numbers has increased, from 56,650 to 72,533 to be exact.

The increase is 28.04%

I also mentioned Lim Kit Siang, vis-a-vis Nurul Izzah in this matter, making no bones about increased and no mention of phantom, voters in Dummies part 1.

Lying Ambiga, should she share Nurul Izzah's shameful sham concerns, must look into Gelang Patah.

You see, the Gelang Patah eligible voter numbers has increased from 78,676 to 106,864. Since the DAP cannot even handle simple arithmetic for less than a couple of thousand in their party elections, one for the dummies as well, I will do the maths.

The increase is a whopping 35.82%

(Source The Star here and its "Make Your Vote count" 32 page nomination supplement, 21 April 2013)

And speaking of Lim Kit Siang, here are his gems for dummies.
"The Kelantan Mentri Besar, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, should reconsider the State Government’s proposal to introduce the ban on public sale and consumption of alcohol affecting non-Muslims, for it will have nation-wide repercussions in arousing non-Muslim alienation against PAS not only in Kelantan but throughout Malaysia. Such an action by the PAS-led Kelantan State Government will only confirm UMNO allegations that PAS policies are completely unsuitable for a multiracial and multi-religious society like Malaysia" - by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, June 20, 1993
Dummies must really enjoy this, "Why as a Chinese I will always vote PAS",
Yes as a Chinese, I will vote in PAS anytime, anywhere in this country, because with the Pakatan Rakyat I can rest assured that the law as spelled out in our constitution will reign supreme, and pretenders like PAS will be stopped right in their tracks by the DAP unlike the shenanigans at the MIC and MCA who have now brought minorities to their knees by deceiving them of their rights by colluding with UMNO.
See, see, see or not. No? You really are dummies.

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