Monday, April 8, 2013

PKR Hiring Neo-Con and Pro-Israeli Lobbyist, No Says Rafizi?

It all sounds too familiar.

Free Malaysia Today should have done it ala Raja Petra Kamaruddin and publish the "E-mail correspondence furnished to FMT" when it reported - PKR linked to US PR firm? Rafizi says ‘No’

It had all the the usual suspects, neo-conservatives and the FMT report had been specific with details.
“Unresolved issues are threatening the integrity of Malaysia’s electoral process and hold open the possibility, if not corrected, [of] plunging Malaysia into deep, post-electoral crisis,” said Orion Strategies’ Mike Mitchell to congressional staff Hana Atuatasi.

Mitchell also named the Malaysian delegates as Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel and Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian.
The usual response would be a denial but not good enough. What the BAFIA man Rafizi said to repudiate the report,
"In an e-mail response to FMT, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli denied the party had appointed any consultant or individuals to represent it during the general election, let alone a foreign one.

“We believe that we have enough talent among our volunteers and leadership to spearhead the campaign on our own. Besides, the cost itself will be prohibitive given the limited financial resources available to us,” he said.

Rafizi said he had also checked the matter with the US Foreign Agent Registry and confirmed that none in the US had ever been appointed to act on behalf of PKR, nor by anyone that could be associated with the party.

Rafizi added that he had also never heard of Orion Strategies"
You wonder why the need to check with any agency if you know for a fact your party did no such thing.

Limited financial resourses?

Free Malaysia Today also has this report, BERSIH - Anwar’s global fundraising ‘vehicle’?

Former DAP senator Tunku Aziz had claimed,
"Bersih, is a vehicle created by Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to obtain foreign funding for his political activities"
Further down the report, Tunku is also reported saying
“They told me that the movement was to ensure free and fair elections in the country,” said Tunku Aziz, disclosing that he was offered some US$4,000 monthly plus other perks and allowances for his position.

He said his suspicions about the agenda grew throughout the meeting and was confirmed when told that the movement would be about (obtaining) international funding after he enquired about it.
That should take care of any "limited financial resources" wouldn't it?

Here is another interesting excerpt of the report,
"He said he knew about Bersih’s foreign funding when he was invited for talks by Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah a few years ago on the possibility of heading then an unnamed election watchdog"
Sound familiar? How about Nurul Izzah and that Deepak fellow?

Coming back to Cynthia and Ibrahim the FMT repors "Gabriel and Ibrahim, in a joint statement, also dismissed the matter, claiming that it was an attempt to undermine their credibility within the Malaysian civil society fraternity"

I can't find any report on the web of any joint statement by Cynthia and Ibrahim and do you believe an opportunity to pedal and exploit the Scorpene issue would be given a miss by the nosey person?

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