Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worms Crawling Out of the Woodwork

All the DAP drama, a sinister one at that, was a consequence of complaints by its own members questioning the legitimacy of the second "official" result of the DAP national party polls.

Complaint against the second "official" result, amidst suspicions to accomodate a Malay when in the first not a single Malay was voted in, which elevated Zairil Khir Johari as an elected member in the party polls.

I cannot but help thinking, now, about Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid Ibrahim who quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat in disgust, condemning and publicly accusing the party of manipulation, unfair electoral practices and fraud, also in national party polls.

How come Zaid Ibrahim did not make a complaint to the Registrar of Societies?

The Edge reported, "Zaid Ibrahim withdraws from PKR deputy president contest, quits all part posts"

Its worth noting, that fellow not worth mentioning and fond of suing, did not sue Zaid.

Madam Ambiga should at least have a word with Nurul Izzah even if the BERSIH person is deafeningly silent in this matter of electoral fraud and manipulation practised in the vice-president's party, the PKR.

And I thought that Zaid Ibrahim had quit politics to go into business, in Singapore. Just like the other politically bankrupt and failed businessman, DAP YB Tony Pua.

Well, Zaid Ibrahim will advise PR in battle for Johor, Kit Siang says and who knows, maybe Zaid could get some pointers from the failed businesman, Tony Pua.

Better still, Zaid Ibrahim could personally ask Lim Kit Siang whether its true that the DAP national polls were rigged, to make way for Zairil Khir Johari.

By the way, last I heard, PKR is still part of Pakatan Rakyat. Aren't they?


Snuze said...

Hehehehe ....

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

The elections are just around the corner, about 3 days away. Here are many strong reasons why we should not choose Pakatan Rakyat.

1) Pakatan Rakyat is made up of three parties, namely, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Parti Islam SeMalaysia (Pas) and Democratic Action Party (DAP). Democratic Action Party (DAP) is a member of Socialist International, a worldwide organisation of political parties from various countries. Many parties of Socialist International come from communist, atheist and Marxist backgrounds. 'Atheists' refer to people who do not believe in God, and people who believe that God does not exist.

2) DAP's membership in Socialist International may explain the secular direction of the party. Karpal Singh, the DAP chairman, has consistently regarded Malaysia as a secular country. The entire direction of DAP is to ensure that Malaysia is governed in a secular way. 'Secular' means governing the country without reference to religion. DAP is a secular party, without religion and therefore without God.

3) DAP is descended from PAP (the People's Action Party of Singapore). Both the PAP and DAP use the 'Malaysian Malaysia' slogan. The logos of both parties are also almost identical. The PAP has ruled Singapore continuously since before 1965. Having been a member of the Socialist International, the PAP is also secular, as revealed by the Singapore national Declaration on Religious Harmony, which says to recognise Singapore as a secular state.

4) The Singapore/PAP government teaches that Stamford Raffles is the founder of Singapore. Singaporeans are taught by their PAP government that Raffles is a positive figure. 'Raffles' has therefore become a national trademark for Singapore, as such Raffles City (built in Singapore and also in mainland China), Raffles Class (on Singapore Airlines), Raffles Quay, Raffles Place (the city centre), Raffles Hotel and the elite and prestigious secondary school Raffles Institution. However, the truth about Raffles is that he is a racist who practised racial segregation; when Raffles governed Singapore, he split the Malays, Chinese and Indians by housing them in separate areas. He kept the races apart. This is known as the divide-and-conquer technique. Raffles was a white imperialist, a British colonialist, and there is no excuse that can be made for him. Therefore, the fact that the PAP government puts Raffles on a pedestal and bathes him in a favourable light, shows us the beliefs of PAP. The PAP government does not just name things using 'Raffles', it gives prominent place to the Raffles statue, which is by the Singapore River and has been shifted before by the government to give it even more prominence. The PAP government presents the Raffles statue as a national icon, and schoolchildren are given a positive history of Raffles and the British takeover of Singapore.

5) Remember the recent comments made by PAP and PAP-related figures? That NTUC high-ranked figure Amy Chong (or Cheong) who criticised Malay weddings, Malay lifestyle and Malay society, and that senior PAP figure who called Malay a foreign language. These are further indications that a world governed by PAP is a terrible, racist and chauvinistic world. Are we to believe that DAP will behave differently from PAP?

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

6) According to many indexes, Malaysia, under Barisan Nasional (BN), is ranked higher than PAP-led Singapore in terms of press freedom. Singapore is an oppressed society in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of press and media. By comparison, Malaysia has a much wider variety of press and publications, and gives greater political liberty to opposition parties. This explains why you can observe that Malaysia's opposition parties are very active and vibrant, while in Singapore, the opposition is timid and dares not oppose PAP. This is because the PAP has been very brutal with the opposition, such as suing opposition figures until they become bankrupt. In Malaysia, DAP is also very fond of suing people. Do you believe that DAP will give you political freedom, when it comes to power?

7) The PAP government deals brutally with dissent and alternative opinions. Joshua B Jeyaratnam and Chee Soon Juan are just two of the many victims. The press landscape is bleak. No one dares publish a different view. This explains why you can hardly see any opposition newspapers or newsletters in Singapore. Do you think DAP will behave differently from PAP? Already, DAP is suing people who give alternative viewpoints. DAP also calls for boycotts, telling people to boycott this paper or that paper. Worse, the DAP bars press entities who may report ugly truths about the party, prohibiting the journalists from attending DAP press conferences.

8) What if DAP comes to power? Would it start a crackdown on press it does not like? Judging from PAP behaviour, we cannot say DAP is a good party for our future. DAP could destroy freedom and civic liberties. DAP, PAP and their Socialist International involvement really explain the pattern: Communist parties have always restricted freedom of speech and freedom of press. Every Marxist government behaves in the same way: it squashes dissent, and jails, tortures and kills critics and thinkers.

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

9) The way PAP treats opponents, and the same way that DAP has begun to behave, reminds us that there will be no opposition under Pakatan Rakyat. If you let Pakatan Rakyat come to power, you destroy democracy in Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat will not allow opposition to exist. BN will be wiped out. Even if BN voices manage to survive, they are suppressed, subdued or muted, under the threat of retribution from DAP.

10) If Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, not only will BN be gagged and suppressed, but all other alternative parties as well. The evidence can be found in Singapore, where the PAP gags SDA (PKMS, the Umno in Singapore, is a member of SDA) and various non-SDA parties with no BN history or relation, such as the Singapore Democratic Party, Workers' Party, National Solidarity Party and others. If Pakatan Rakyat were to rule, it would spell the end of political liberty for the Malaysian people.

11) DAP and PAP claim that Umno is racist, when in actual fact, it is DAP and PAP which are the racists. Umno has been in alliance with the MCA from the very beginning; MCA and Umno refused to contest against each other from the very beginning, and have never contested against each other. Chinese-dominated PAP contested against Umno when Singapore was part of Malaysia. DAP, also racially imbalanced, with almost-total Chinese membership, stood with Pas on some occasions and against on other occasions. Both PAP and DAP are Chinese-majority parties with no stable Malay allies, and appear to have no intention of properly cooperating with Malay parties. So, the racist bigot is not Umno, but DAP.

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

12) If allowed to come to power, DAP will destroy interracial cooperation and demote the Malaysian language. Evidence for this can be found in Singapore, where English and Mandarin, which are non-native languages, are ranked first and second, with Malay coming third and Tamil last. This is the case with signboards, train announcements and official government documents. Voting DAP into power is a risk to the future of indigenous languages. We must protect Malaysia as we know it: under BN, Malay is first, all community languages second, and English last. It is foolish to put English first and forsake our Asian identity; we respect the English language and are willing to learn positive things from the West, but this does not mean we should worship Westerners or bow down to their language. Malaysia is a unique, sovereign country, and has its cultural identity in the form of Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia. If Malay is demoted to second or third class, Malaysia loses its unique place in the world.

13) Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to national identity. DAP parodies a Korean song for the purpose of criticising BN, and not only that, DAP does so in a vulgar and distasteful way. The indecent parody, proudly produced by DAP MPs and used at DAP events, is likely just the tip of a large iceberg against Asian values. The war against Asian culture and national identity has already begun in Singapore, where the PAP builds a casino (Marina Bay Sands) and parades it as a national icon. There is no sovereign country on the face of this earth that presents casinos as national icons or national landmarks! The casinos of Macau are not the face of China, the casinos of Las Vegas are not the face of the United States, the casino at Genting Highlands is not the face of Malaysia. Only in Singapore will we find the casino being grouped into the national identity! This is how the PAP behaves; should we expect the DAP to behave differently? The DAP has shown itself to be anti-Malaysian. DAP, and PAP, have proven themselves to be of no moral and spiritual substance. DAP misappropriates pop culture, portrays Malaysians as laughing stock, and goes against peace and virtue. It is not a suitable party for Malaysia. In fact, it is not a suitable party for Asia. Considering its mockery of shared culture and shared standards, we must say DAP is not a suitable party for the world. DAP should not be allowed to govern!

14) That DAP goes against peace and virtue, is evident in its support for Bersih. DAP expresses grievances through street demonstrations, reducing Malaysia's standing in the world and getting the world to laugh at and misunderstand Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat's support for Bersih is evidence that Pakatan Rakyat hates Malaysia. DAP, Pas and PKR want the world to see Malaysia as a Egypt, Syria or Tunisia. Riots, violence and vandalism are not shared values among true Malaysians. Pakatan Rakyat is happy when Malaysia's streets are litter-strewn, when the people are bluffed into screaming and yelling in the streets, when the city is plunged into a cloud of fury and fanaticism. PKR, Pas and DAP do not love Malaysia. They want to destroy our country.

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

15) Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to true Islam. Parti Islam SeMalaysia (Pas) deliberately misinterprets Islam, portraying it to be a harsh, uncompassionate religion. This is so that non-Muslims will misunderstand Islam and regard the religion with fear and suspicion. This is why Pas is willing to work with DAP: both parties are against Islam. Pas and DAP play push-and-pull games with each other, to confuse the people of Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat is deceitful, playing such games, and coordinating various topics to bluff, scare and worry the people into voting for Pakatan Rakyat.

16) Pakatan Rakyat is anti-religion, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-interracial and anti-God. It is against every virtue. Pas and DAP pretend to tiptoe around each other, when they are actually working together hand-in-glove. Pas and DAP put on an act: they fight each other so as to create divisions between Muslim and non-Muslim, Malay and non-Malay. The hidden goal is to keep the races separate, exactly as Raffles did, and get foreigners (i.e. white people) to rule over us.

17) Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) is working to hand Malaysia over to foreign control. White people, Jews, the IMF, the World Bank, various white American corporations and Jewish corporations are eager to control Malaysia, and Anwar is working to make that happen. A vote for a Pakatan Rakyat party means a vote towards losing national sovereignty. DAP, Pas and PKR are striving to make the various races uneasy and unfamiliar with one another, and work to keep the races apart, so that Jews, white people, and a small class of elite Chinese can control Malaysia against the will of the Malaysian people. The evidence of this can be seen in Singapore. The evidence is clear and indisputable. Singapore is controlled by white people, Jews, and the small elite class of Chinese PAP leaders. The PAP is the avenue through which Westerners control Singapore. It is likely Pakatan Rakyat will be the avenue through which Westerners control Malaysia.

18) Pakatan Rakyat is rooted in Marxism, through DAP and also through PKR. In 2008, two Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) candidates contested under the PKR ticket, and PSM was bold to declare at the same time that PSM follows the Communist Manifesto, the famous document authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Therefore, it is clear that both DAP and PKR are Marxist parties. (DAP's Marxist connection is found in the Socialist International, as earlier explained.) Marxism is an ideology that advocates the abolition of religion and the removal of God; Marxism explains that there is no spiritual aspect in this world, and therefore, Marxists (or Communists, as they are usually known) are atheists, and some Marxists are violent atheists, jailing, torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands of religious believers, scholars and teachers. History provides the facts plain and clear. Also, Marx is a Jew. This brings Pakatan Rakyat into full view: in addition to being pro-Israel and anti-Islam, the parties of Pakatan Rakyat are against virtue, liberty and justice. We must look at all 18 points carefully, before making our selection this Sunday, May 5, 2013.

M. Rmd. Kwo K. said...

The facts are clear. The 18 points reveal Pakatan Rakyat for what it really is: a secular, anti-religion coalition of power-hungry leaders with evil intentions. They tell bold lies. They tell the Malaysian people that Malaysia ought to be like Singapore. They put Singapore up high, as a shining example that Malaysians should follow. But the truth about Singapore is very different from Pakatan Rakyat's lies. In addition to proudly and relentlessly advertising the annual December 31st beach party countdown on national TV, and incorporating the casino into national day songs and the Singapore city skyline, the PAP government is expert at gerrymandering. PAP's deceitfulness and immorality is unmatched.

In Malaysia, 2008, BN received less than two-thirds of the total number of valid votes, and less than two-thirds of the total number of Parliamentary seats.

In Singapore, 2011, PAP received less than two-thirds of the total number of valid votes, but was still given more than 80 of the 87 Parliamentary seats.

PAP was still able to retain more than 90% of Parliament, even though it was given only 60% of the total number of valid votes, chiefly because the PAP government practises gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the redrawing of district boundaries so that PAP wins a lot of seats on a few votes.

Elections and democracy are fair in Malaysia, especially when compared with Singapore! Districts are drawn fairly in Malaysia, and the proof can be seen in 2008, when BN was admitted to less than two-thirds of Parliamentary seats, which matches the fact it received less than two-thirds of the valid votes. In Singapore, the PAP received less than two-thirds of the valid votes, and was then admitted to not just more than two-thirds, but more than 90% of the Parliamentary seats!

Therefore, when DAP, Pas and PKR say that Malaysia ought to be like Singapore, I am frightened. Democracy and elections are highly corrupted in Singapore! By comparison, Malaysia is a superb electoral democracy! Pakatan Rakyat should take Bersih to Singapore. The PAP is the party which should be told what fair elections are.