Saturday, May 4, 2013

1 Symbol - Think That BN Will Lose

We go to the polls tomorrow.

Kudos to all BN party workers.

Its a sea of blue colours of Barisan Nasional everywhere. It is a sign of a rejuvenated ruling party.

But all the hard work, bountiful banners and posters do not translate into victory.

Barisan Nasional will win because they have that strong tradition of component parties closing ranks.

Members of the ruling coalition not picked to be candidates must realise the BN's warning to the rakyat is no rhetoric.

A Pakatan Rakyat ruled Malaysia will be the end in all that we cherish.

Support every BN candidate standing in the elections with all your heart.

Of course there are, those unscrupulous politicians not picked, those with a hand in the pie on boths sides, who would do their level best to sabotage their own comrades, on the sly.

Win or lose, these few traitors win.

Barisan Nasional supporters and workers must be wary of these so-called leaders. Reject and expose these saboteurs.

I am sure no Barisan Nasional supporter believe this election is going to be easy.

That would be folly and everyone must come out to vote and not take anything for granted.

The 2008 tsunami happened because there were many many angry BN supporters including yours truly. Many voted the other way and many spoiled their votes, creating a domino effect, taking for granted that Barisan Nasional would win anyway.

We, the BN supporters are also responsible for putting Pakatan Rakyat into orbit, like giant comets orbiting the planet.

2008 was like Haley's Comet passing by this earth.

The comet Pakatan Rakyat is in orbit, orbiting the country.

When comet Pakatan Rakyat lands all Malaysians will be doomed and the country will be destroyed.

BN and its supporters are confident but we cannot afford to be complacent.

The more I read BN will lose the happier I am because that will encourage us to come in the fullest force.

We must think AS IF Barisan Nasional will lose and we WILL win.

I tell you. Speaking to family members, friends and strangers, they have been duped into believing the opposition's deceitful propaganda and lies.

I engage and have discourse with them.

Say what you like, the opposition have been very effective disseminating their deceitful propaganda and lies.

The hardcore and rabid opposition supporters, most of the time, do not like to be engaged. They will never accept your point or any point of view anyway.

So, ask them simple question - why does the Pakatan Rakyat NOT have a common symbol.

With our unwavering support Barisan Nasional will prevail.

Barisan Nasional has stood the many difficult tests of time.

Barisan Nasional supporters are proud Malaysians for all that WE Malaysians cherish - harmony, peace, and prosperity.

Malaysians of ALL races standing under 1 symbol.

Pakatan Rakyat can never say that.

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Snuze said...

Hear, hear!