Friday, May 24, 2013

A Chinese Distort

The Malaysian Insider has a Sin Chew article, "Love Malaysia more"

Which brings me to a must read piece by Nile Bowie, "Is Malaysia Teetering on the Edge of an Islamist Knife?", courtesy of The Mole.

From Bowie's original essay, quote,
"It’s quite commonplace to find ethnic-Chinese Malaysians railing against their self-perceived status as “second-class citizens,” but these frustrations don’t live up to scrutiny, as the conditions Malaysia’s Chinese community are subjected to do not resemble that of a deprived community by any stretch of the imagination"
And the most quotable quote"How many, Malays do you see with Chinese drivers?”

What more do the Chinese want?


Anonymous said...

Kevin, maybe a Chinese taxi or bus driver or plane driver?
That also because they want your money...he..he..

tebing tinggi said...

Love Malaysia
Avoid going Malaysia line of educaton,Sekolah kebangsaan.
Demand for the right to keep SRJK(C) alive and prosper.
Neglect bahasa kebangsaan as language of non important.
Keep everything to race important.
Love Malaysia,Love Malaysia ,Love Malaysia.