Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alamak! 60,000 Thousand Dubious Voters In Sabah!

FMT reports, "60,000 dubious voters gave Sabah BN victory".

Planting The Seeds of Doubt

Make that 3,300,000 million!

"3.3 million problematic voters in electoral roll"
"Based on a-decade-old data, Ong said that there are 3.1 million voters who vote in constituencies that do not tally with the address stated on their MyKads."
1. Mr Ong Kian Ming of DAP and newly elected MP should have been the polls director for his own party's shady party polls, reported to the ROS by it's own members.

2. His party cannot even count from 1 to less than 2000 but Ong Kian Ming managed to count from 1 to 3,300,000!

3. With 3,300,000 voters, BN should have won by a landslide!

See the pattern like his party boss Lim Guan Eng who kept quiet about the shady DAP party polls results?
Ong, who is the director of the Malaysia Electoral Roll Analysis Project (Merap), said that he came into possession of the data almost 10 years ago as well.
But this is worse. Ong Kian Ming kept quiet for ten years!

Back to the Future

"Another problem is the existence of 65,455 foreign nationals registered as voters in the electoral roll, said Ong, adding that 90 percent held MyKad indicating they are Malaysia-born.
The data shows many are from Brunei, Cocos, the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan"
How accurate! But Ong Kian Ming forgot to mention Bangladeshis.

BN must get their act together. BN does not even know how to cheat. Selangor also cannot win.

What lah!

BN, I mean MCA, must learn from the DAP.

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