Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim's Plan B

Plan B - Having lost the 13th General Elections and said it was his last if the Pakatan Rakyat lost, the troublemaker who wanted a Malaysian Spring, is now applying the Arab Spring.

Remember those fishy multi-coloured flags. I thought it was cute though.

And those dumb PR supporters still believe this troublemaker.

Well, the opposition Chinese will believe because they believe everything the DAP tells them and DAP IS the real Boss, Tai Kor.

Tai Kor will decide who will be Selangor MB not the troublemaker. The troublemaker is just the puppet of the Tai Kor because Tai Kor promise the troublemaker his wet dream, PM of Malaysia.

That is a promise Tai Kor will keep.

You see, the troublemaker cannot use Plan A - "OPPOSITION WILL BE FORMING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UNTIL 16 SEPTEMBER", circa 2008.

Even easier now what?

Cannot. It will be over the Tai Kor's Lo Fu's dead body.

I bet you the opposition Chinese supporters will give this Arab Spring thingy at Kelana Jaya a miss.


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