Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chinese Tsunami and the Popular Vote

When PM Datuk Seri Najib referred to the "Chinese tsunami", why was it inflammatory when what was said is a matter of fact?

And what of the popular vote of "269,130 votes based on calculations by The Malaysian Insider" that Anwar Ibrahim is trying to spring in Malaysia? There is no respect for the rules of laws of the land from this despicable man.

Yes, Anwar Ibrahim wants it both ways, pun intended. Making a claim for the federal govt on account of the popular vote. But a popular vote of an election which he rails is "fraudulent".

Here are the facts of the Chineses tsunami, read in conjunction with the popular votes, which Anwar Ibrahim as a Malay, is so proud of.

The following are the results of the Chinese chauvinist party, DAP, in constituencies of FT and Penang. The margins of the majority votes they received total 281,000 votes.

Add majorities won in Perak P64 - Ipoh Timor, P65 - Ipoh Barat and P66 - Batu Gajah, that's another 100,000 to give a grand total of the Chinese tsunami votes of 381,000 and with that the "popular" votes for the Pakatan Rakyat.

Fact, only the Chinese chauvinist DAP carried majorities in excess of 30,000 votes in the heavily Chinese majority constituencies. That cannot be said of PKR and PAS in any constituency.

And don't come with that, "How can DAP be a Chinese chauvinist party when they had Malays and Indians contesting on the DAP ticket?"

With the Chinese tsunami, even if a Bangladeshi were to stand on the DAP ticket, the Bangladeshi would win.

By the way, it could be that Anwar Ibrahim is making a big fuss about the popular vote because he himself had his majority in Permatang Pauh reduced from 15,671 in 2008 to 11,721 this time around.

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Anonymous said...

Anwar will lost permatang pauh if he received less than 80%chinese votes!