Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dumb Rural Folks

"Sowat: This is the dumbest explanation I have ever heard, but no doubt it is meant for the ears of the ignorant rural folk"
That is from Malaysiakini, "Zul Noordin's badminton analogy doesn't wash"

Yes, the rural folks who have children, relatives and friends working or domiciled in the urban areas of the country are - the "ignorant" rural folks.

PAS should, no, must seriously consider pulling out of the Pakatan Rakyat as these are the sentiments of the majority of urbanites who are MORE "educated".

PAS core supporters are also these "ignorant" rural, and I must add, Malay folks AND if they can stomach these type of insults, they deserve to be in the situation they are in - unwanted but needed by the Pakatan Rakyat, to make the numbers.

To justify the popular votes, which by the way, is the subject and headline of Malaysiakini's 'Your Say'.

I say, ironic isn't it?

These "educated" urbanites cannot fathom and ignore the fact that minus PAS and their "ignorant" rural folks' votes, Pakatan Rakyat would then be DAP and PKR, and be left with the popular votes of the........Chinese tsunami, period.

In closing, I also consider this sentiment that rural folks are "ignorant and uneducated" an insult and racist stereotyping by the opposition and their "educated" urban and tech savvy supporters to justify their loss in GE 13.

To the Malay opposition supporters, please open your eyes and don't close your ears and sorry to say you tak ada maruah.


Anonymous said...

Check this out.

65% of urban educated Malays voted for BN.. PR is only popular with the Chinese (89% support).

Looks like Malay urban and rural are not much difference after all. Are the Chinese going to say now that urban Malays are ignorant too?

Snuze said...

Wow. I would think that such disdain for the rural folks are also a form of racism.

Tak rasis konon

Anonymous said...

Tak suka tau. Org pekan tu pandai sangat ke?