Wednesday, May 29, 2013


In my previous post I wrote about the "educated" urbanites.

Here now is a classic example of a DUMB urbanite in the shape of Bersih steering committee member, Maria Chin Abdullah.

We all know she is not alone among, and I don't mind saying, hundreds of thousands "educated" urbanites who choose not to believe or accept facts.

With the greatest of respect to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman (and members) of the Election commission, as I told my closest cousin just yesterday, are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in consultation with the Conference of Rulers by virtue of Article 114 of the Federal Constitution and befitting their status should not waste their time accomodating the opposition and all their unsubstantiated allegations of "fraud".

As they have said over and over again there are legal remedies and recourse for any dispute of the election results.

But the opposition and their "educated" urban supporters will never and refuse to accept.

The latest in Free Malaysia Today by deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar "EC: Opposition exploiting urban folks", elicited an immediate response from Maria Chin Abdullah.

Also from FMT, "Wan Ahmad missed the point on indelible ink",
Bersih steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah said that Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar has missed the whole point of using the indelible ink.

“How can the EC assure us that advanced voters did not vote for a second time?” queried Maria

“Of course the names get cancelled, but what about the postal voters? There is no list for the postal voters, we do not know who they are.

“There’s no guarantee that these people did not vote again. So this is not a matter of cancelling the names,” she said.

“Therefore, they have to face the consequences. The whole of EC, if they have the integrity, should resign,” she said.
Maria Chin Abdullah as with those of her ilk, deliberately or otherwise, unashamedly makes false statements to perpetuate the "fraud" lies and the EC of being complicit to the so-called "fraud".

For the DUMB and disgraceful black Maria, from SPR website, "BAGAIMANA UNDI POS DIKELUARKAN,DISERAHKAN,DIKEMBALIKAN, DAN DIKIRA?" and a few excerpts to refute this latest BERSIH rant,
Proses pengeluaran sampul undi pos bermula dengan Kerani Pengundian Pos Pertama meneriakkan nombor siri nombor pengenalan diri, dan nama pengundi pos yang dibacanya dalam senarai undi pos. Tujuannya adalah bagi membantu ejen-ejen calon yang hadir untuk menandakan nama pengundi pos dalam buku daftar pemilih kepunyaan mereka.

Sebelum sampul-sampul undi pos boleh dibuka, Pegawai Pengurus perlu menghantar notis kepada calon atau ejen pilihan raya memaklumkan tarikh, masa dan tempat sampul-sampul itu akan dibuka.

Apabila sampai waktu yang ditetapkan, Pegawai Pengurus akan membuka meterai peti undi dan mengeluarkan semua Sampul Keutamaan B. Seterusnya bilangan sampul akan dikira dan dicatatkan ke dalam Borang 755 (Kira-Kira Kertas Undi Pos Selepas Kertas Undi Pos Dibuka). Peti undi yang kosong akan ditunjukkan kepada ejen-ejen calon dan kemudiannya dimeterai semula.

Sebelum pengiraan undi dimulakan, Pegawai Pengurus akan memastikan bahawa Borang SPR 755 telah disempurnakan dan dimaklumkan kepada ejen calon yang hadir. Peranan Borang SPR 755 adalah sebagaimana peranan Borang 13 dalam proses pengundian biasa.

Selepas kertas undi pos dikira, Pegawai Pengurus akan menyempurnakan Borang SPR 764P iaitu Borang Penyata Awal Pengiraan Undi Pos dan menyerahkan kepada ejen calon yang hadir. Seterusnya Pegawai Pengurus akan menyempurnakan Borang 15, iaitu Borang Keputusan Pengiraan Undi Pos dalam beberapa salinan dan meminta Borang 15 ditandatangani oleh ejen calon. Setelah ditandatangani, salinan borang tersebut akan diserahkan kepada ejen-ejen calon.

Semua sampul-sampul berkaitan akan disempurnakan dan dimasukkan ke dalam peti undi dan seterusnya dimeteraikan. Ejen calon dibenarkan untuk menadatangani perekat keselamatan pada peti undi yang telah dimeteraikan. Akhir sekali, Pegawai Pengurus akan membawa Borang 15 dan peti undi pos ke Pusat Penjumlahan Rasmi Undi untuk dijumlahkan dengan keputusan daripada lain-lain saluran tempat mengundi dalam bahagian pilihan raya tersebut.
Note that I deliberately made highlights for obvious reasons which everyone reading will understand.

That said, I won't accuse Maria Chin Abdullah of being ignorant if she cannot read and understand Bahasa Malaysia just like those, I am quite convinced, hundreds and thousands of opposition supporters who voted for Pakatan Rakyat parties other thnn PAS.


Snuze said...

The Malays have a saying: Bodoh tak boleh diajar.

Quite telling, eh?

لف توف™ said...

It is very obvious that Maria Chin Abdullah did not know thorough and thorough about "Undi Pos". She is just another case of empty barrel makes the most noise.

IT.Sheiss said...

Hi Freddie,

The question which should be asked is whether indelible ink (electoral stain) is all that indellible from international experience. Is it IMPOSSIBLE to remove within the stated period or DIFFICULT to remove?

For example, The Times of India reports

Wikipedia says

This is what a supplier of such ink in India has to say

I was able to clean off the ink with some difficulty.

I arrived at my polling channel at about 4.45pm, the ink was applied to my left forefinger and I voted. I then went straight to the canteen where I found a washbasin and a hand soap dispenser, wetted my hand, applied a copious amount of handsoap and massaged the soap around my stained finger for about five to 10 minutes and I noticed the lather turning blackish. I then rinsed my finger in water and most of the ink came off, leaving my fingernail slightly stained and some stain left on my finger tip where the finger prints are. I left the polling station at 5 pm.

I then went about some chores, got home about two hours later, dipped my finger in petrol which had no effect.

I then washed my finger again with water and scrubbed it with Good Maid scouring cream (similar to Jif, Cif, etc) and it all came off.

had I allowed it to dry completely, then it may have been much more difficult to remove.

A friend said he removed it with sandpaper.

That shows that such ink is DIFFICULT to remove but not IMPOSSIBLE to remove, especially if one has the right detergents or solvents.

Those who demanded that the Elections Commission use indelible ink but did they verify that it was foolproof based upon international experience.

If they knew of suppliers of reliable indelible ink, did they recommend the EC use ink from them.

I also wonder whether they knew that it was not foolproof but demanded the EC use it, knowing that there would be cases where the ink could be removed, which would give them a reason to make an issue out of it.

Why not get the opinion of chemistry experts to comemnt on whether such ink is trully indelible or not and what chemicals, solvents or detergents can be used to remove it?

Here is a discussion on it Answers

BTW. silver nitrate is poisonous.

Anonymous said...

I tak suka tau ink ni.