Sunday, May 5, 2013

Indelible Ink Farce

Cannot but help commenting in all this nonsense about indelible being delible, washed with soap and what not.

The most ludicrous being erased with grass, look I am not going to waste my time, just google it.

My siblings and their spouses totalling 6, two at different constituencies and the other four at Kepong, one at a different polling station.

Result - none of us could get the ink washed off.

The only conclusion to arrive in all of this are that they are coming from the opposition leaning, no need to say.

Only thing I will say if it is possible, these people who claimed with proof that the ink could be washed away, for the EC to check whether these guys had voted.

In Facebook, these allegations in comments, ALL without exception have not replied to my comment, go try and vote again.

Anyway, this humiliating 3rd world "remedy" to counter "phantoms", also seen to be but a few albeit one here and another there, was forced upon us by that glorified, BERSIH.

By the way one of the most pictured "hantu", "phantom" or whatever, looks like a untidy and confused person, possibly immigrant and a patsy, getting "caught" and released. Needs to be said, my comment in the video version on Facebook of the same person has also gone..unanswered.

All I have to say and propose to BERSIH and their band of idiots, instead of indelible ink, tattoo. The Plan, The Plan.

Or cow branding.

Definitely foolproof.

Read The Sun Daily, "Indelible ink lasts if applied properly, says EC" and "Much ado about indelible ink"

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