Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go to Church

Church mass last Sunday, a week after the 13 GE polls which I must happily add the ruling BN was returned to govern, was NOT without mention of the previous week momentous event.

But it was a very, very, much watered down call to continue praying. For UBAH, though it was not said directly this time, I dare venture to say.

That contemptible fellow Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, not content with the opposition's best showing at any general election, is taking matters into his own selfish hands putting cart before horse, with his band of unmerry men taking to the streets to usurp a democratically elected government.

Before proceeding please read, "Rallies? Demonstrations? Stop This Madness!" and
"Election petitions: The standard of proof — Art Harun". And for the impressionable younger generation voters, please take some time to visit the Election Commission portal for the 13th GE, especially the "Voters Guide" or "Pendidikan Pengundi".

Coming back to the subject at hand, if I and others like myself had thought the end of GE 13 would also be the end of politics in support of the opposition from the pulpit, out comes that idiot Bishop, Bishop Paul Tan with his histrionics and pseudo justifications.

Free Malaysia Today, "Bishop: Polls anything but free and fair"

As far as I am concerned, he does not deserve the honorific "Reverend", for I do not revere him. And to coin a familiar phrase, neither is he my father.

FMT reported,
"Bishop Paul Tan said this in reference to the report of the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS).

“IDEAS and CPPS have done an interim report. In it, there is this conclusion: ‘GE13 was only partially free and not fair’. I find it difficult to believe that the report could conclude this…

“But when it concluded ‘only partially free’ for the three reasons given that are fraught with irregularities as reported in the said report, the people involved are not objective,” he said.

“From the multiple examples of irregularities arrived in the report, permit me to use a stronger phrase than that of IDEAS and CPPS: GE13 is anything but transparently ‘free and fair’,” he added."
However, "Tan, who heads the Malacca and Johor diocese, conceded that he could be wrong but stressed that he was morally obliged to speak out at this time because of the immorality practiced before and during GE13".

Well, that says it all.

When the Bishop concedes that he could be wrong why then is there a need for all the pontification?

Bishop Paul Tan coming out with his contempt for and could have been attributed to the fact that IDEAS and CPPS on the election report, had said,
"the conduct of the electoral process on nominations, campaigning, polling and results declaration were by the book and proper, with no really serious breaches of protocol that could be observed to skew the polls process"
The justification, quote,
"Tan said while he obeyed the Catholic Church’s teaching that clerics must not take sides in partisan politics, he noted that the church also taught that clerics must speak out against immoralities and against all that go against human rights"
All I can say is, Bishop Paul Tan go tell all the "Fathers" that have taken a partisan position in preaching support for the opposition from the pulpit, rather, to thank God there has been no cases in Malaysia of sexual and immoral assault of alter boys which is a worse abuse of human rights.

Of course, I am not saying or implying that Bishop Paul Tan is encouraging Catholics to take to the streets. Did I?

By the way, what Bishop Tan is telling Catholics, like me, who have voted for the BN - we are all immoral and condone human rights abuses.

The first stone has been cast.


Tony Yew said...

Bro, if only more people like you can stand up and say, 'please don't include me' then we would have some balance.

There are far too many out there who are silent majorities who do not want to engage in these lenghty discussions.

It is certainly not wrong to have an opinion, but to impose one's on others by using their position?

Bishop Paul Tan would certainly find it heavy to show up for the consultative council meeting with PM (which was supposed to happen regularly)

I hope your readers can see that now the opposition leaders are still at it trying to fan their supporters to take the law into their wn hands.

The most reverend is certainly not helping.

Anonymous said...

....and those impressionable flocks were telling their secret sins to him for forgiveness!
Is he really beleiveable?

Anonymous said...

H is an irreverant Reverand"

Anonymous said...

Then why oh why is he supporting that highly IMMORAL buttman?

religious HYPOCRITE

Anonymous said...

I guess not all priests listen to him. In my parish our good parish priest restricts his sermons to things relevant to us to be good people and Christians.

The next issue that needs to be resolved amicably is the Allah issue. I don't use Allah in my worship but am now more aware that the East Malaysians have always done so from the time they adopted Christianity. So how?

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 20.44,

Thank you. I have not given any replies to those who have been kind enough to visit this blog. I will start with your good self.

The answer -Change, the Catholic Church can change. Using Tuhan instead of Allah. Whether we have used it for centuries, it does not matter. It will show true Christian spirit. Loving others as we would our selves.

Freddie Kevin said...

Bro Tony,

As you have said we must respect the laws of the land. The opposition can change the laws if they can form the govt, lain kali. That should make Bishop Paul Tan happy.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 13.24,

There many things in our church that are unbelievable with the likes of our Bishop Paul Tan.

Best regatds

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 16.29,

No disrespect to Bishop Paul Tan but he has not earned my respect.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 7.20,

Bishop Paul Tan never learns. See how Mat Sabu gave him a bloody bishop nose.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 20.44,

Best regards to you too.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I am Anon 20:44

Thanks for your response.

Like you I did think that the answer would be for the Catholic Church to change and IMHO a better word would be Yaweh - since in certain places of the Malay Bible the term Lord God is used and Tuhan Tunah may mean that we worship many Gods. I guess though this will be a big sales job to the East Malaysians.

Additionally, not all of them are catholic (a large majority being SIB). Anyway, God works in mysterious ways and I believe that whatever happens it is His will.

As Christians we should take a more conciliatory approach to the whole matter because Jesus was never about ego (hope I am making sense here) but love, like you said.

Kind Regards