Monday, May 13, 2013

The Election Process : Of Phantoms, Postal Votes and Cheating

All you skeptics please read how the election process proceeds AFTER you have voted.

Yes, Barisan Nasional lost the popular vote.

No thanks to the seeds of doubt effectively ingrained by the opposition and spread by hundreds of thousands of ignorant netizens throughout the various social media, intentionally or otherwise.

Free Malaysia Today reports "No significant cheating in Sungai Siput".
"However in Sungai Siput, we were not able to find conclusive evidence of significant cheating during the polling process" - By Dr Michael D Jeyakumar
I commend YB Jeyakumar.


Anonymous said...

That's because he won....

Anonymous said...

No conclusive evidence of significant cheating implies that the opponent is still cheating.