Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nurul Izzah, Egypt Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood

After Nurul Izzah put her foot in her mouth regarding compulsion in religion, Malaysiakini published in full the Q&A, "Transcript of Nurul Izzah's Q&A at forum".

I append a question that received the foot in mouth reply,
"Number two, I think it is a fallacy to believe that Egypt now is (in) a better condition than it was before. Everybody knows that it is getting worse"

I have a friend in Egypt and she is really not happy about what is going on over there, so I do believe YB is trying to promote the idea of an Islamic state, like you know this which is completely not true.

But mainly my question is, when you speak of freedom of religion, are you actually applying to the Malays as well? Thanks.
and Nurul Izzaha's reply,
The second question with regards (to) what you think I'm trying to promote, I would correct that assumption. Yes, Egypt is undergoing a tumultuous process. It has not been resolved, there are many challenges they face.

I am not saying they have achieved a Utopian ideal view of a state and how it should be governed but I always take the development of the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular, from seen as a rather dogmatic Islamic movement come up with a political entity to meet the needs of the time and their relationship and collaboration with the Christian Coptic is something in particular that we have to observe and appreciate.

So if you say things are bad for Egypt, no. You, and we, must not be so judgmental and that is partly the society or the country that we have inherited that allows us to see things in black and white, whereas sometimes it is not as simple as that.
Like father like daughter, promoting friendly parties or totally incompetent, deliberate or otherwise, I say both on all accounts.

Nurul asserts a relationship between the Muslim Brotherhod and Egyption Coptic Christians is to be appreciated.

LA Times, " Egypt's Coptic Christians live in fear of Islamic extremists", quote,
"Egypt's Christians have long been suspicious of Morsi. The president and the Muslim Brotherhood backed a constitution that Copts say jeopardizes religious and civil freedoms. Copts complain of facing restrictions on church construction and school curriculums often tailored to Islam.

Salafi preachers accuse Copts of kidnapping Christians who want to convert to Islam. Sectarian hatred spills into violence on rare occasions when a Copt and a Muslim start a romance. A video, reportedly recorded in 2009 and uploaded this week to YouTube, shows a mob of Muslim men yelling "God is great" while sexually assaulting two Coptic women.

The marginalization of Christians has been sharpened against the nation's economic and political turmoil. Morsi and the Brotherhood, which controls the government, have shut out opposition voices amid joblessness, inflation, gas shortages, widening public debt and plummeting foreign reserves. Protests and labor strikes erupt daily and Egyptians are balanced between bewilderment and rage."
Father and daughter has been strongly supported by the dirty lady, Ambiga Sreenevasan, of NGO BERSIH infamy.

Nurul Izzah and I must insist, Anwar Ibrahim and the dirty BERSIH lady should plead for these NGOs in Egypt where an Egyptian court convicted 43 Americans, Europeans, Egyptians and other Arabs with five-year sentences, 27 defendants tried in absentia including 15 US citizens. Free Malaysia Today reports, "Egypt convicts 43, including Americans, in NGO case"

Nurul, Anwar and Ambiga do not care who their friends or benefactors are just as long as they achieve their dastardly ends.

Many of us know how the situation in Egypt came to be when the usual suspects are usually involved.

Also in the FMT report,
The court ordered the closure of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in the case, including the U.S.-based International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Freedom House.
When in Egypt, don't even consider tweeting, for whatever reason.

Be warned one way or another.

One is always judged by the company you keeep.

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Snuze said...

We don't need or want Arab Spring style revolts here. Anyone who wants to make similar comparisons need their heads to be checked.