Friday, January 25, 2013

William Yau Dead : Search Is Over

The search for William Yau is over. A body of a boy found in Port Klang has been confirmed to be the missing boy by his mother, Mother: Dead boy is my William.

Pending confirmation by DNA, condolences to William's family.

A new search now begins. Search for the perpetrators of the most inhumane kind, child killers.

I place trust in PDRM to leave no stone unturned in their effort to find the person or persons responsible for the death of an innocent child.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Allah": Lim Guan Eng Cause and Anwar Ibrahim Effect

Anwar Ibrahim has categorically stated that it is the Pakatan Rakyat common policy -all non-muslims can use the word "Allah".

That's what has been reported by Free Malaysia Today, Allah issue: ‘Pakatan stands by Hadi’,
Anwar Ibrahim is firm that Pakatan Rakyat will allow non-Muslims to use the word 'Allah'
Going back in time, when Anwar Ibrahim came out openly to support Hudud, it raised a big hue and cry from the DAP.

The leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat, whoever they are at that point in time, had a cup of tea and come out with the bogus operandi, media statement by Lim Guan Eng,
As the hudud law is not mentioned in the PR Common Policy Framework or in Buku Jingga, it is therefore not PR policy. Only policies mentioned in the Common Policy Framework, Buku Jingga or agreed to by all 3 parties will be implemented in a PR government.
At the meeting, DAP stressed the party's consistent stand in not agreeing with the hudud law and explained that the hudud law is not in line with the Federal Constitution. The meeting concluded with both DAP and PAS agreeing to disagree on the hudud law.
Everybody went home smiling. PAS kept their Syariah Hudud enactments passed in Kelantan and Terengannu, DAP knew it could not be implemented and Anwar Ibrahim got away with his open support for Hudud. Pakatan Rakyat is intact.

It is different with the Hudud issue then and the "Allah" issue now. A very distinct difference. Hudud not enforced, obviously has not been tested in a court of law, whereas the use of the word "Allah" has been allowed by the court.

Pakatan Rakyat, when the "Allah" issue was reignited by Lim Guan Eng, had initially come out to declare that non-Muslims could use the word "Allah". Lim Guan Eng as I opined, had raised the issue to take attention away from national DAP CEC elections fiasco, where not a single Malay was elected into the CEC, at the same time shore up flagging non-Muslim support for the DAP due to PAS enforcement of it's Islamic laws on non-Muslims.

Lim Guan Eng must have been confident of support to his "Allah" for non-Muslim call because PAS party president, Abdul Hadi had in the past held the same position, as reported by Harakah and posted by Anwar Ibrahim on his website,
"After a special meeting to discuss a recent controversial court ruling, PAS has decided to reiterate its stand that the use of the word Allah by Christians was not against Islam and in accordance with the federal constitution which guarantees religious freedom"
Lim Guan Eng must have thought that he had gotten away with his red herring and more confident his ploy had succeeded when Nik Aziz, Abdul Hadi and Mat Sabu all affirmed their support for Lim in his call.

But what Guan Eng did not contend with was the PAS Syura council. The PAS Syura council officially pronounced that ‘Non-Muslims can’t use Allah’

This must have shocked Guan Eng into silence until now. Neither Guan Eng nor his father, Lim Kit Siang who had been present when PR announced non-Muslims could use "Allah, has said anything since the PAS Syura council decision.

Why the PAS Syura council changed it's stand from it's previous position is unimportant but has it's own internal implications. Whither PAS president, Abdul Hadi, deputy president Mat Sabu and PAS spiritual leader who had all said the use of the word was not against the teachings of Islam, for various reasons?

The PAS Syura council decision, now disallowing the use of the word, had the effect to put the spanner in Lim Guan Eng's devious machinations.

There cannot be "agree to disagree" this time. PAS knows even by disagreeing, Hudud to be implemented needs to be passed by law whereas the use of the word "Allah" has been allowed by law, the DAP and PKR agreeing parties hold sway by law. Disagreeing would be meaningless when a party basic fundamental is cast aside in event of a Pakatan Rakyat ruled state or country.

How will PAS face it's grass root members, as it stand now in Selangor or implications as it stood in Perak?

In a way, credit must be given, despite it's radical Islamist ideologies, to the party Syura council. It made a decision which ran counter to the stated stand of it's highest party leaders. They would have seen the rat. Waking an issue that would test the party's Islamist credentials, an issue that was laid to rest, smacked of personal agenda for Lim Guan Eng and favorable only to the party he leads, the DAP.

PAS will have everything to lose and DAP everything to gain. And the PKR, like it's scavenging de facto leader, Anwar Ibarhim, will wait to enjoy the spoils of war between the two heavier coalition "partners".

The Syura council would not countenance it's leaders to support subterfuge. More so, when these leaders would be seen to be bending over to a condescending and past enemy, the infidel DAP.

Getting slapped in the face by the PAS ruling Syura council, it was now up the other bend over specialist, Anwar Ibrahim.

An important, pertinent and larger question arises.

Can Anwar Ibrahim now be claimed as the designated Prime Minister of a Pakatan Rakyat federal government?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What The Opposition Don't Like to Hear : Malaysia's Judiciary Is Independent

You can already hear the roar of the intellectually challenged and issue deficit Pakatan Rakyat - bought by UMNO, lies by the UMNO controlled mainstream media and notice it's always UMNO. Government propaganda to woo Sarawak votes.

How can? No way. Listen, listen, listen, it's all lies!

From The Sun Daily report verbatim: Malaysia’s judiciary is independent, says retired judge.
PUTRAJAYA (Jan 23, 2013): Despite criticisms and accusations on the transparency and independence of Malaysia's judicial system, a retired Federal Court judge, Datuk Seri Panglima Sulong Matjeraie, said never in his years in service did anyone try to influence him in his decisions.

"I have been working as a judge for 15 years and not on one occasion did any of my bosses said: 'Sulong, you decide this way and not that way'. It never happened.

"In the Federal Court, there are five judges and one of us will write the judgment and then pass it to the rest of us. If we don't agree, we will be dissenting. There is no such thing where you have to follow.

"Definitely, we uphold the independence of the judiciary," he told Bernama here recently. Sulong, 66, the first Sarawakian appointed as Federal Court judge, clocked out for the last time at the Palace of Justice last Friday.

"To be able to administer justice according to the law is something we hold dear."

As a judge, you must make sure you serve justice and ensure justice is achieved. I think we have done that," he added.

Sulong said the transformation of judiciary in the country had also reduced the backlog of cases in courts.

"We have been working hard. There was too much of a backlog that we had to sacrifice our personal time to clear these cases. We have to ensure justice is done expeditiously. All of us work our guts out to make sure we finish our cases," he said.

Sulong was born to a humble family in 1947 in the rural town of Saratok, about 140km from Kuching. As a boy, he used to help his father to tap rubber trees and sell "kuih" in the village to earn extra pocket money.

"My late father always wanted me to be an agriculture assistant where I could get 'free uniform'. I never dreamt of becoming a lawyer or a judge.

"My late father always said: 'Sulong, learn to plant rubber trees. when you get older, you will have your own plantation'.

"As a judge, I get free uniform too," he smiled wryly.

The fourth child in a family of nine, Sulong started his working career at the tender age of 17 when he was appointed a probationary Sarawak Administrative Officer (SAO) in the Sarawak Civil Service.

That was in 1964. When he was 23, Sulong was appointed the District Officer (DO) of Bintulu -now an oil and gas town. The appointment gave him the distinction of being the youngest District Officer in Malaysia.

Sulong started his career in the judiciary when he was appointed a Judicial Commissioner in September 1998 in the High Court of Malaya in Johor Baharu. Two years later, he was a High Court Judge in the Kota Kinabalu High Court, Sabah.

In 2007, he was a judge of the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya and in April last year, he was appointed a Federal Court Judge at the Palace of Justice, here.

"My only regret was not having my father around when I was made the Court of Appeal and Federal Court Judge. He passed away few months before I was appointed as a judge," he said.

Sulong's interest in law was stirred when he was in the civil service, where one of the requirements for an administrative officer to be considered for promotion was to pass the law exam. From there it was all history. To read law, Sulong went to London on a Sarawak government scholarship to study at the Inns of Court School of Law in 1971.

"I am always grateful to the Sarawak state government for giving me that opportunity to further my studies. Otherwise, I don't think I could become a judge. I'm lucky. But then again, all you need to do is work hard and you can achieve any dreams you have," he said.

Sulong obtained his Master of Law Degree in Mercantile Law at the University of Southampton in 1977 where the law study was made possible by his wife who supported him financially.

"I'm thankful to my wife who supported me to do my Master. She was working and I was studying," he added.

Sulong served the state government in various capacities, including as General Manager of Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation from 1979 to 1980 and as the General Manager of Bintulu Development Authority from 1980 to 1983. Sulong left the civil service in 1983 and set up his own legal firm under the name of Messrs Sulong Matjeraie & Co. in Kuching the same year.

On his future and what he would like to do, Sulong said he would like to sit back first before deciding what he would like to do.

"I will take a break first before beginning to do something else. Actually I have no future plan yet. First thing I will do though is rest. It has been a long journey. It has been 49 years of working," he said.

His words to the Malaysia's judiciary: "They are doing a good job. I'm sure the judiciary of Malaysia will be second to none in years to come. The people here are very dedicated."
Expect response from the opposition's usual suspects and their accompanying accomplices especially the lawyer types.

Dictator Lim Guan Eng Insists "Penang" Char Koay Teow Not Allowed

When anyone tries to defend the indefensible, you get more non-sensical justifications for actions deemed illogical.

The Sun Daily reports, Consent not needed for everyday use of ‘Penang’: CM,
"However, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said consent was required if the name of the state was used for events as it gave the the impression that the authorities had sanctioned them"
Come on Lim Guan Eng, who are you trying to fool?

Firstly, we all know state sponsored and supported events by and in the Pakatan Rakyat rule state governments, will be endorsed by carrying the official state government crest. This has an effect to tell their supporters, the event is organised by or for the PR state government, and not by and for the enemy.

Lim Guan Eng and his state government does want their supporters attending or seeing to be supporting events ostensibly organised by the enemy, Barisan Nasional.

This is what dictator Lim means when he says giving an "impression that the authorities had sanctioned them".

Also, the CAT chief-minister is fond of taking credit for everything good in Penang, even if the credit rightfully belonged to the BN, therefore all events must be "sanctioned" for dear leader Lim to claim credit for the event.

Secondly, what does it matter who or what organises an event if it brings benefit to or raises the profile of the state positively? Nobody in his right mind would organise and name an event using the word "Penang", for or in an offensive manner.

Politically, if all this is too difficult to understand, never mind.

Practically, assuming an international event is organised and for example named, "The Great Penang Char Koay Teow Cookout", this will not be allowed because 1. it is an event and 2. it carries the word "Penang". Then you must get consent of the Penang chief minister. That is what he has said.

The Penang chief-minister is suffering from a brain malady with all his dictatorial maneuvers, and if he carries on he will no doubt be, Lim Ill Soon.

AAA Rating to BBB to Junk Bond

Datuk Rocky told us the "The Untold Story of Wawa Part 2: Bank Islam's police report"

The Sun Daily reports "Bank lodges second police report against chief economist"
"The suspension is due to Azrul's violation of the bank internal policies, the details of which have been conveyed to Azrul in the show cause letter, handed to him on Jan 17, and upon further investigation, the bank lodged a second police report today,"
One does not need to make a police report to sack a person. Police reports are normally made to investigate the elements of a possible crime or crimes committed.

I always say when you lie you always get caught up in your own lies. When En AAA was suspended he blamed his suspension on "political motivation".

The Washington Post in it's report on the suspension had En AAA on the line,
“My intention is to eventually resign,” Azrul, who has been with the bank on and off since 2007, said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg News today. “I don’t want to burn bridges. My bosses have been good to me. I don’t want others to suffer from political pressure.”
How can anyone reconcile being "politically motivated" and being good bosses at the same time?

The moral of the story are plenty. Furthering the ambitions of a desperate Anwar Ibrahim is foolhardy. Taken in by his smooth glib ultimately gets you into a right mess. Anwar will then give token support like "zalim" and then wash his hands.

En AAA star was a shining one. He was only suspended, a rating of AAA to BBB. If he does not resign he will definitely be sacked.

Worst still he now faces a possibility of time behind bars.

BBB to junk bond.

Hopefully for En AAA, Anwar would not completely wash his hands off En AAA.

There is always legal representation by the likes of Sivarasa to claim "political motivation", in event of a sacking, if En AAA does not resign, in a labor court. Or claiming "political motivation" of possible charges, in the criminal courts.

One way or the other.

This is Malaysia, This is Not Falklands

Last I checked it was Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and Free Malaysia Today.

It was not Falklandkini, The Falkland Insider or Free Falkland Today.

I chanced upon this report from Free Malaysia Today with a head spinning headline, "Britain ‘pressing’ for poll reforms in M’sia" with a sub-headline, "The All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaysia headed by British MP Tom Greaterex has repeatedly raised free and fair elections with premiers Najib Tun Razak and David Cameron"

And how did this sub-headline come about? In Selena Tay style unnamed "one of a number of officials who were at the briefing".

Quote, “In all our briefings right up to the highest level we keep pressing home about free and fair elections and election observers,” confirmed one of a number of officials who were at the briefing. When asked what “the highest level” meant, one of the officials who declined to be named said: “With Prime Ministers Najib and Cameron"

My advise to FMT, don't spin a spin too much.

As expected and no surprises are the presence of the usual suspects "Bersih leader S Ambiga gave a Skype address, which was then picked up by Suaram’s Cynthia Gabriel, who gave an overview of the main human rights issues in Malaysia"

Yes, indeed, the discredited nosey SUARAM mouth piece and the other the leader of opposition, read Anwar Ibrahim, hijacked rallies.

These two share the same shameful idiotic idiosyncracy of the desperado desperate to be prime minister, by hook or by crook, Anwar Ibrahim.

Disgraceful people who, for their own selfish ends, have no compunction to bring shame and denigrate our country all over the world to anybody they "think" cares to listen.

That said, you wonder why these usual suspects are not plying and peddling their trade in the US.

I'll give a few words of reason - NED, NDI, and Open Foundations et al. As for Anwar Ibrahim, he openly supports Hudud and discriminates homosexuals. Bye, bye neocons and Republicans bye, bye liberals and Democrats.

I leave Ambiga aside as she now have little Ambigas.

But who the fuck is Cynthia Gabriel and SUARAM to dictate how the British or Malaysian government carry out the business of governments, pun intended and unintended.

I dare say the majority of Malaysians, educated and uneducated, do not take kindly into foreigners especially gwai los interfering in our affairs.

That is why we have independence and Merdeka. Independent from colonial masters.

These same despicable people, Cynthia Gabriel and Ambiga Sreenevasan are either of Indian or Ceylonese origin, are now going to the same colonial masters, which this country and countries of their origin, endeavoured so hard to be freed and removed the shackles of colonist rule.

Even worse a Malay, Anwar ibrahim, waltzing his matilda.

Recall Anwar Ibrahim being rebuffed and embarrassed by the Australian government? The desperado Anwar Ibrahim had written a letter to the Australian government for help in for getting free and fair elections.

Here is a transcript of an interview with Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr on the matter

These are the salient and relevant parts of the interview I want to share and needs to be told with particular emphasis -
SABRA LANE: Malaysia's opposition leader has written to you appealing for Australia's help in getting free and fair elections in Malaysia. Will Australia help?

BOB CARR: Well the Malaysian elections are a matter for the Malaysian people. It's very hard for Australia to do anything about how they're run, as hard as it would be for Malaysia or another government to have a say in how Australian elections are run. We're not the election authority for Malaysia.

SABRA LANE: How would you characterise the letter that you got?

BOB CARR: Well it's a letter from an opposition figure expressing concern about the elections in his country. But that is the point. It is his country, not our country. And while we can express concern about the freedom and fairness of elections anywhere, we don't run elections in other jurisdictions.

SABRA LANE: That's fine, but he's obviously asked for your help and you're saying we can't do anything.

BOB CARR: What help are you proposing we provide?

SABRA LANE: Well, I'm simply asking.

BOB CARR: Do you want an amphibious landing on the east coast of Malaysia?
Also in the FMT report and quote another unnamed, "Another member of the Foreign Office team, who was introduced as their Human Rights Representative also intervened to say that the UK Government’s policy was to take every opportunity to encourage other" countries to support human rights"

So you see, Cynthia and Ambiga, the British can only encourage even though and because it's not their bloody business.

They are not going to send British special forces and elite units to Malaysia, just for you or anybody else, because this is not the Falkland Islands.

Definitely not for Anwar Ibrahim.

Cynthia and Ambiga, it is also shameful and disgraceful that your "cause" should be taken up and reported by memsahib supreme, Clare Rewcastle Brown. Yes Mum.

And don't forget to courtsey.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dictator Lim Guan Eng : No More Penang Char Kuay Teow

Maybe blows to the head, by reigniting the "allah" issue, have caused the Penang chief minister to have serious brain damage.

I seriously think not. It is the lust of power that has gone into his head.

He is behaving more and more like the dictator we all said he is or have become.

The latest Mugabe directive for the Penang chief minister, the Malaysia Insider reports, Event organisers must get state approval to use ‘Penang’.

The next thing you know all UMNO, MIC, MCA and Gerakan must get his permission to utter the word, Penang.

The Pakatan Rakyat must come out in support of the Penang chief minister. In fact they can even take it up another level.

They can declare that only in Penang can char kuay teow be called, Penang Char Kay Teow.



Oops I forgot. The Penang state govenment under dear leader, Lim Guan Eng, can get the word "Penang" copy-righted, Penang©, additional income for permitted use of and to sue for unauthorised use not only in Penang, everywhere.

Anwar Lim Lim Abdul Hadi

This is not about religion. This is about politics. It's also about business.

In my posting, "Religion, Politics and Business", I said, "DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in a desperate bid to divert attention away from what he knew would come to be alleged as party polls manipulation and fraud, saw it fit to raise the "Allah" issue."

This is what was posted in the the DAP secretary-general 2012 Christmas message,
For this reason, DAP urges the BN Federal government to allow the use of the word Allah on the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible as has been allowed in Sabah and Sarawak for the last 50 years and practiced in the Middle East for more than a thousand years.
Which was accurately excerpted by the Malaysian Insider.

As prove of Lim Guan Eng's actual motive and insincerity, in the same report TMI quotes Zairil Khir Johari, DAP’s assistant publicity secretary,
Zairil Khir Johari, DAP’s assistant publicity secretary, said today that Lim’s words have been “twisted”, saying that the Penang chief minister had only asked Putrajaya not to deny the rights of Christians in East Malaysia to use the word “Allah” .

“He (Lim) only asked that it be allowed in the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible that is used by Christians in Sabah and Sarawak.”

“Furthermore, the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible can only be found in Sabah and Sarawak and not in Peninsula Malaysia.

“Therefore, the issue of usage of the word “Allah” in Peninsula Malaysia does not arise at all,” Zairil said.
Either it was the Chinese genes in Zairil to defend his boss or incompetency by his feeble attempt to "justify" his boss'es actual words, the fact of the matter is Lim Guan Eng's statement is crystal clear - he meant the use of "Allah" for both East and West Malaysia.

Lim Guan Eng is both a coward and a dubious politician, for after making the statement, he could have stood by his statement and there was no need for Zairil to come out with any clarification.

Since nobody bought Zairil's spin, Lim Jr ran to Lim Sr for help.

It said that when you lie often enough the truth will eventually catch up on you. In an effort to support Lim Guan Eng, and knowing the true motive Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Abdul Hadi in a show of solidarity came out to say, in Pakatan: Non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’.

Anwar Ibrahim said,
"While we don’t object to non-Muslims using the word Allah, we also urge all quarters including the churches not to misuse the holy word as the name is revered greatly by Muslims”
Lim Guan Eng had already said,
"DAP urges the BN Federal government to allow the use of the word Allah on the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible"
Lim Kit Siang concurs but you wonder why he said nothing.

Abdul Hadi said,
"So non-Muslims can use the holy word although it may not reflect the original meaning”
All these gentlemen, if that is a correct word, since the PAS syura council came out to officially declare ‘Non-Muslims can’t use Allah’, have remained deafeningly silent.

It's all about politics. Nothing more nothing less.

And the business part?

Well, in spite of all the numerous Pakatan Rakyat fake that has been exposed, their supporters regard them as gods and will still believe their lies, business as usual.

Cannot blame them.

Add all these names Anwar, Lim, Lim, Abdul Hadi together and you see why they are worshipped, they add up to form a word that should not be used in that particular meaning, "ALLAH".

William Yau : Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep your eys open for any child you see, closely resembling, William Yau Zhen Zhong, and call the numbers in the poster below.

Let's do our part and keep an eye on our kids at all times.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Provocative Ibrahim Ali

Free Malaysia Today reports, "Burn ‘Allah’ Bibles, Perkasa chief to Muslims"

The only benefit of doubt is, that it is as reported, the exact words uttered by Ibrahim Ali need to be verified.

If and when the contents are ascertained to the extent that it is as reported then I cannot by good conscience remain silent and will be failing in a duty as a loyal citizen who loves my country, as much as I hold all things precious in my life, if I did not record my disgust and disapproval to this kind of religious provocation.

This is NOT about of the general elections. Far from it. This is about a person who would have gone beyond the lines of decency. This is about stamping out any form of extremism at the bud.

This is about preserving peace, prosperity and pride of the country as a progressive and moderate nation.

Ibrahim Ali must be reined in and account for any inflammatory remarks attributed to the politician.

I am absolutely certain all right thinking Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, share my concerns and sentiments.

The Unholy Trinity, Double A and Triple A

This is not about religion, it's about politics.

It's about the unholy trinity, the Pakatan Rakyat, with reference to, as an analogy, the Christian Holy Trinity.

This is the 3 in 1 political party, Pakatan Rakyat.

The Father, of the Pakatan Rakyat is, you guessed it, Anwar Ibrahim. The Son, no points for guessing, Lim Guan Eng. And the Holy Spirit, you can take your pick. There is no mystery in the unholy trinity. They are bound together by 2 words in 1, "CONSENSUS". Now, this is the mystery, they are bound by agreeing to disagree.

That is what the Pakatan Rakyat "CONSENSUS" all about. First word CON as in deception of the rakyat and SENSUS to make political sense.

And I have been saying this all along. This "consensus" is nothing more than a convenient con job, when serious disagreements arise and they are many, to fool the unsuspecting and foolhardy supporters of the opposition.

But the story does not end here. The mystery began to unfold when the Son decided that non-Muslims could use the word "Allah". It does not matter now whether the Son was referring to East or West Malaysia.

At first, the Father, the father of the Son and the Holy Spirit, 3 in 1, agreed with Pakatan: Non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’.

When that ground breaking, earth shattering decision was announced, I asked that it be a signed declaration like the Kuching Declaration. After all, all the 3 persons of the unholy trinity were in agreement with 1 voice.

Now seriously, any political observer worth his salt will tell you and I saw it as another political sham, PAS would never endorse such a controversial decision. The issue strikes at the very heart of the Islamist party's soul.

And so it was to be, the PAS Syura Council officially announced ‘Non-Muslims can’t use Allah’.

Again, the story does not end here. It is no longer the Father or the Son or any Holy spirit but enter non-entity Azmin Ali, AA.

AA comes out of the hole to announce "Pakatan firm on ‘Allah’ issue"

Quote AA,
“We are bound by the Pakatan Rakyat policies that were discussed during the meeting. And because we are bound to those policies, we will stick to that decision. The Syura Council is not related to it,” Azmin told reporters at a press conference at the PKR headquarters today.
Bound by policies? Word of mouth, common platform, signed declarations et al, now which is which? I'll answer my own question - All bull and more shit.

What in the world is AA talking about when he says, "The Syura Council is not related to it"?

That has been answered by PAS itself, when PAS ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib said,
“PAS stands by the Syura Council, as it is the supreme body responsible for policies and major decisions in the party"
Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang are now conspicuously quiet. Anwar Ibahim has sent his favourite son AA to do the dirty job. So it seems.

Where the Pakatan Rakyat now stands, not only in the "Allah" issue but all the others like PAS' Hudud laws, events incontrovertibly prove whatever the opposition pact had decided to agree or agree to disagree on all the other fake policies, are convenient excuses to justify the existence of an inconvenient marriage. The sole purpose of which is greed for power individually and collectively of persons and parties concerned.

But does the story end here?

If Anwar Ibrahim is skirting the issue, Azmin Ali is lower ranking among the Pakatan Rakyat hierarchy, or in this case Parti Keadilan as he is only party deputy president, to make any official announcement for PR.

Why Azmin Ali? Is AA another lamb for the slaughter in the long line of lambs slaughtered in the name of Anwar Ibrahim?

Or has AA gone lone ranger?

The PAS organised Himpunan for Anwar Ibrahim, what has been alternatively called "Taharin" Square uprising, PR solidarity has flatulently gone fart with PAS dissociating itself from Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar himself in the "Allah issue.

"Taharin" is in reference to Azmin Ali's wife Shamsidar Taharin. Read a masterful Desperate PR's attempt for Tahrir Square-like revolution?

AA may have came out with such a non-sensical announcement, unbeknownst to the Pakatan Rakyat hierarchy, as a death wish to himself

Or it could be En AA is now jealous of one En AAA, and the death wish, is for Pakatan Rakyat.

After all, chief economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad, is a much more qualified person than Azmin Ali. According to Datuk Rocky in "The untold story of Wawa the chief economist of Bank Islam", AAA has very frequently, passionately and discreetly been in communication with Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi Ramli. When AAA does resign as his stated intention is to eventually resign, the feeling might be AAA is a better proposition than AA in the coming election.

As they say hell hath no fury like a blue-eyed boy scorned.

The End

Friday, January 18, 2013

Malaysia the Moderate

It is true we Malaysians are prone to forget.

The opposition and their NGO accomplices are always bellowing western style human and democratic rights.

Generation Y, plum targets of the opposition and thier ilk, are now more exposed to a very fast paced modern world. Superfast gadgets for superfast social networking and communication.

Issues easily become viral. The little become famous.

Yes, Malaysians cepat lupa.

"The Innocence of Muslims" also went viral. A US ambassador is killed.

It was the greatest insult to the religion of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.
ALL Malaysians, except the closet racist and religious bigots, understood the feelings of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters had been greatly hurt.

The western style human and democratic rights can do nothing. It is, after all, freedom of expression and a right to express that freedom.

When "The Innocence of Muslims" went viral, these same opposition and their civil society advocates said close to nothing.

Despite global violent reaction, Malaysia reacted peacefully without incident.

It is the testament and credit of the country most precious resource.

Not fossil oil, palm oil, timber, tin or rubber. It's the multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial people living side by side together, peacefully and harmoniously, as one.

For the opposition Pakatan Rakyat, everything the BN does, is wrong.

The Pakatan Rakyat is never wrong. They, of course, will and never have admitted when they are wrong because of a very convenient "consensus". The stranger thing is, we are expected to believe PR and their "consensus" because, as they say and we are often told, they frequently admonish each other.

Strangest of all, individually, the Pakatan Rakyat parties are never wrong. Has anyone ever heard the leaders of DAP, PKR or PAS, ever admitting their own party being wrong? Ask Lim Guan Eng about the latest DAP national party elections. Ask Nik Aziz or Abdul Hadi about their latest "Allah" flip-flop.

Asking Anwar Ibrahim of anything is optional.

The Sun's headline today reads "Hostage Crisis" with a sub-headline, Belts of explosives attached to hostages in booby-trapped building, two oil workers killed in attack.

More importantly Malaysian lives are at stake,
"Two Malaysians working in Algeria are among 41 people who were taken hostage by an Islamist group on Wednesday"
Terrorists can also be locally bred.

Almost 1 month to the day, we had a "Malaysian terror suspect killed in Davao"
Bukit Aman special task force (operations and counter terrorism) director Datuk Mohamad Fuzi Harun said Mohd Noor Fikrie had left Malaysia for the Philippines in late April.

He said he had gone there "for jihadist reasons", and that a DNA test would be done to confirm the suspect's identity.
Only very recently we have witnessed PAS extreme application of their laws like a by-law prohibiting stylists in hair salons from attending to customers of the opposite gender and even action taken against non-Muslims for alleged indecent behaviour in Kelantan.

Even more recently last week, we had "DAP leaders must quit for being unable to stop PAS extremism in Kedah CNY activities"

These sort of narrow interpretations of morality and laws enacted have actually being implemented by PAS. And it rubs off on most of it's faithful members.

PAS encourages extremism.

We only look at the social and political ramificatons of the Islamist Party religious policies.

As long as it is does not infringe rights, is not imposed on us, the non-Muslims, everything is hunky dory.

In the Al Maunah incident only three were killed. The grief is only among three families.

Do we wait until an incident, like the Bali Bombing, when hundreds of our own family members are killed and on our own shores, before we realise that we have to put a stop to any form of extremism?

Generation Y who were then 10, 11 or 12 years old will possibly not know that PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz's son, Nik Adli, was arrested under the ISA as part of a so-called "Mujahideen Group" who received military training in Afghanistan.

The PAS spiritual leader's son was held in detention under the ISA for 5 years before being released, declining comment when asked if he regretted his actions of allegedly being involved in an organisation linked to terrorism.

At the height of "The Innocence of Muslims" maelstrom, PM Datuk Seri Najib wrote and came for praise, duly reported by WSJ with a headline "Malaysia's Moderation",
"Now, more than ever, each of us has a responsibility to work together for greater respect, tolerance and understanding so we may live in harmony."
The nature of the country, citizens living in peace and harmony for a prosperous nation, is the result of 56 years of uninterupted Perikatan and Barisan Nasional governments.

It cannot be attributed to any opposition party or coalition, past and present.

Be honest and answer honestly, can it? Be attributed to the opposition?

In every sense, the religious extreme PAS is dangerous for the country. By collaborating with PAS, the DAP and PKR for political profit, are equally guilty of encouraging extremism.

We must preserve the peace and prosperity of the country.

Under Barisan Nasional Malaysia has and always will be, Malaysia the Moderate.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pope appoints American as first Nuncio to Malaysia

The Vatican Insider reports, "Pope appoints American as first Nuncio to Malaysia"

The Catholic Church, with 929,000 members, enjoys religious freedom in Malaysia, and is deeply involved in educational work and health services.

And there is control over publications, and copies of the bible have been seized when published in the Malay and Iban language, because of the prohibition on the use of certain religious words and language by non-Muslims, such as “Allah”.

The Holy See hopes that with full diplomatic relations and a resident nuncio it can enter into a constructive dialogue with the Malaysian authorities on all these matters.
This is the true Catholic way.

Official Vatican announcement.

Background Archbishop Joseph S. Marino.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Will PAS MP Khalid Abdul Samad Be Welcome with Divine Mercy?

Welcome? For sure.

Standing ovation? Not a snowball chance in hell because "Non-Muslims can't use 'Allah' for 'God': PAS",
"Matters became complicated for Pakatan when DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in his Christmas message, called on Putrajaya to allow Christians to use the term 'Allah' in the Malay-language Bible."
For once I wish to place my thanks to DAP secretary-general and Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng.
"DAP later clarified that the call was only for use of the word in Sabah and Sarawak."
Which means in peninsular Malaysia DAP agrees with PAS that non-Mulims cannot use the word "Allah".

Lim Guan Eng's lies jumps up and bites him the butt.

Pas MP receives standing ovation in Shah Alam Catholic Church
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support,” he said, adding that he had achieved a majority of 9,314 votes in Shah Alam.

“On the part of Pas, we will now be a coalition government. Our policies will be based on consensus. There will be no attempts by any member within Pas to impose any form of law on the general public. We will be fair and just.”
That damned concensus again, "Pakatan: Non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’"

Thank you again Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Samad, you are welcome.

Azrul Azwar Ahmad : The Malaysian Insider "AAA" Rating

I am hardly hardpressed to say I told you so.

In a previous posting, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin - Anwar Ibrahim Clone, I made these remarks,
"It is not unlike TMI to change it's tune when you consider it's previous headline "tea leaves", when breaking the story, is now a "forecast".

Thus, I am giving the Bank Islam chief economist the benefit of a doubt only because I am skeptical of the TMI report. I am unable to trace the Singapore Straits Times report as claimed by TMI."

When The Malaysian Insider first scooped the story, it was headlined "In tea leaves, economist sees slender Pakatan win" and in an update it headlined responses in "Bank Islam economist’s polls forecast ruffles feathers"

Two issues here.

TMI initally gives En AAA crystal ball honours and when it caught attention, yours truly included, TMI made En AAA more credible with "calculations" in a their "forecast".

"Tea leaves" would imply "Tasseomancy", using spiritual or crytal balls to predict the future, whereas "forecast" implies a plausible prediction through study or data.

The other issue, in "ruffled feathers" TMI uses it's usual run of the mill attention seeking, headline grabbing tactic to run down the government with zero substantiation.

What was reported was in fact contradictory. From "ruffled feathers",
"Umno MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, however, pooh-poohed Azrul Azwar’s prediction, calling it “ridiculous” speculation that was merely made to create false hopes for the federal opposition pact.

The Sabah BN secretary added that the banker’s reading was likely biased as the latter is known to be a member of PKR’s Putrajaya division.

“I admire his enthusiasm but I think he should plant his feet firmly on the ground,” Abdul Rahman said."
How this can be considered "ruffled" only the most hardened of die-hard opposition supporters will agree.

Also what was reported in the Straits Times of Singapore is moot on several accounts.

The Malaysian Insider also reported, "Bank Islam distances from its economist’s polls forecast"

The point here is, together with the Straits Times report and responses all duly reported by TMI, there was no reported response from the person embroiled in the affair, En AAA.

You wonder whether TMI did bother to get En AAA's side of the story or they already had it.

Oddly enough, En AAA gives his side of the story only after being suspended.

Read what has now been reported in Malaysiakini, Malaysia's leading opposition news portal, "Bank Islam chief economist suspended",
“As no two GEs can provide almost exactly the same reading and in view of the surprise GE12 results, predicting the outcome of the GE13 could prove very challenging and a highly speculative attempt,” Azrul Azwar said in his controversial presentation.

He gave three scenarios relating to the forthcoming general election.

1) Scenario with high probability:

Narrow loss for BN, securing only 97-107 parliamentary seats (narrow victory for Pakatan: 115-125)
Failure to retake Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan
Lose control of Perak, Negri Sembilan, Terengganu and Perlis
Narrowly retain Pahang and Johor
Lose significant ground in Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak

2) Scenario with moderate probability:

Narrow win for BN, securing 112-122 parliamentary seats (narrow loss for Pakatan: 100-110)
Failure to retake Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan
Lose control of Perak and Negri Sembilan

3) Scenario with low probability:

Big loss for BN, securing only 82-92 parliamentary seats (big victory for PR: 130-140)
Failure to retake Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan
Lose control of Perak, Negri Sembilan, Terengganu, Perlis and Pahang
Narrowly retain Johor and Malacca
Lose significant ground in Sabah and Sarawak
Short-term negative impact
To be fair to En AAA, I see nothing wrong with the above and it looks more like prepared notes. Also En AAA does say all this, "tea leaves", "forecast" and "calculations" as reported by TMI, is speculative. Not only speculative, highly speculative.

But En AAA reportedly does not deny that, "He also speculated that a Pakatan win may have a short-term negative impact on the economy, especially from sabotage by pro-BN businesses and civil service",
"He also speculated that a Pakatan win may have a short-term negative impact on the economy, especially from sabotage by pro-BN businesses and civil service, though he predicted that the long-term political and economic effects could make Malaysia better off with the emergence of a genuine two-party system and stronger checks and balances."
Now, this type of speculation is uncalled for and highly disparaging of the private and public sector business and services.

It tarnishes and could jeopardise many GLC's in joint-ventures and investments. Federal and state government civil services would not take kindly to this specuation.

Not a speculation but untrue. Just ask PM Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng or his PKR comrade Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid.

Does it look like Putrajaya cause, as reported by The Malaysian Insider's "ruffled feathers", EN AAA to be suspended? That's laughable.

It therefore does not help En AAA's case when he blames political motivation for his suspension.

Political motive exists only in the mind of En AAA and no surprise the person politicising En AAA's predicament is his clone seed, Anwar Ibrahim.

Cloning has it's defects.

Anwar Ibrahim conveniently deletes Malaysiakini's report of EN AAA's disparaging remarks,
"He also speculated that a Pakatan win may have a short-term negative impact on the economy, though he predicted that the long-term political and economic effects will make Malaysia better off with the emergence of a genuine two-party system and stronger checks and balances"
If you don't see it, you would be as blind as opposition supporters.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Religion, Politics and Business

I have always maintained religion and politics is an explosive mix which should never be considered by any justification.

It is not a question of being secular in thought and expression.

The younger Christian generation may not be aware of past (and present) Catholic and Protestant acrimony, violence and bloodshed in Northern Ireland.

One of the most violent terrorist group at the times were the Catholic IRA, the Irish Republican Army. Presently, the Northern Irish political party Sinn Fein is closely associated with the once militant IRA.

There can be no denying turmoil around the world have arrived out of religious representation and misrepresentations, religious interpretation and misinterpretations, for political expediency.

In predominantly Muslim Malaysia, religion is a highly sensitive issue even though the country is hailed as a model and moderate Muslim country.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in a desperate bid to divert attention away from what he knew would come to be alleged as party polls manipulation and fraud, saw it fit to raise the "Allah" issue.

That it raised religious temperatures is an understatement that needs no further elaboration.

It is a fact that the taboo word for the Pakatan Rakyat is "Hudud" and for the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, the word "Allah".

But Lim Guan Eng's plot is lost when even his party's own coalition partner has come out to declare that ‘Non-Muslims can’t use Allah’.

Pakatan Rakyat can now lay claim to fame of having two religious parties in Malaysia, PAS and the fast rising powerful Christian influenced DAP, led by Brother Lim Guan Eng and his "Allah" exploits.

Even the party of Prime Minister hopeful and hopeless Anwar Ibrahim, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, has a staunch proponent of Christian evangelism, Jimmy Chua Jui Meng.

From "Voice of Hope",
"Datuk Chua shared with us of how God has been gracious to him and his family. As a youth he had accepted Christ into his life, but through the years of studies, law practice and politics he drifted far from God. At the peak of his career, when he simply did not have time for God, he became greatly oppressed by demonic spirits. Unknown to him at that time, He had been subtly charmed and had ‘voodoo’ planted into his body. It was through fervent prayers and fasting by church leaders that he was delivered and had seven needles taken out of his body in the name of Jesus. This ordeal became the turning point in his life. Since then, his faith has been renewed and he has decided to follow his faithful Master, Jesus, doing just what a disciple of the Lord should do - preach the gospel to the nations."
Ask Jimmy Chua and I am more then certain he will tell you the reason he joined PKR, revelation from God.

From Fantastic Christian Testimony Of Datuk Chua Jui Meng,
"But when I prayed, this is only the fourth testimony I’ve given because I was very reluctant earlier on to give testimonies, you know when I prayed in the spirit, the Lord told me to give a testimony, it's the duty of a Christian but testify wisely. Therefore the secrets don’t leak out. [audience laughs and claps] Testify wisely. And then again, before last night’s meeting, I was praying, you know what the Spirit of the Lord said to me? “Speak from the heart. Speak from the heart.” And that is the absolute wisdom of God. But the story just now I told you, what I want to conclude with, God and Christ are absolutely fantastic, awesome, and glorious. Glory be to God."
I cannot, however, see how Jimmy Chua can justify the above statement in his delusion filled political exhortation, "Who hijacked the Death Railway money?"
"The revelation by the Japanese Embassy that it had paid compensation to the Malaysian government for families of victims of the so called “Death Railway” project in the 1940s is shocking.

The sum of RM207 billion or whatever the amount must be revealed by Mahathir. He was close to the Japanese government and corporate sector when he promoted his Look East Policy aimed at enhancing trade with Japan."
It came to pass his own coalition partner, PAS, had in it's online portal Harakahdaily carried a clarification from the Japanese embassy denying any such sum compensated and occassion to have been disbursed.

Not so wise and not from God, that I am absolutely sure. Such is religious fanaticism when combined with political ambitions.

Religion does have a fruitful mix with business, however. Doyens of business having shared Christian values from YTL Community, "Challenges of Christians in Business."

The article is pretty much self-explanatory. It is what it is as the title suggests.

I only suggest one other name in that article other than Jimmy Chua, Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye.

Once in a while, religion gets embroiled with both politics and business all at the same time.

Recall Talamgate?

Some may have missed this, as I did. At the height of the Talamgate affair, Talam Corp had changed their name to Trinity Corp.

Problem was,
In October 2011, Trinity Group sued Trinity Corp for using Trinity as it re-branded from Talam Corp Bhd, which the former claims caused confusion to the public. Consequently, the High Court ordered Talam Corp “not to use the name Trinity in respect of property development in Malaysia.” Source, "Trinity Group retains right to corporate name".
What I missed was this, Managing Director at Trinity Group,
Neoh said that prior to seeking legal advice, he had approached Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye, Director at Trinity Corp, to settle the case out of court yet both parties could not meet an agreeable settlement.

Trinity Corp Executive Director Chua Kim Lan said in an affidavit that Talam Corp decided to change its name to Trinity Corp for a more “holy” image after Chan and other directors’ conversion to Christianity.
(Also, "Trinity Group Retains Right to Its Name" at

Lest Catholics get confused - religion, politics and business, is not a holy trinity.

Nor is it PAS, DAP and PKR.

Update and edited 4.45pm

Prime Minister hopeful and hopeless Anwar Ibrahim, "Is Anwar admitting he'll be 'a disastrous PM'?"

Lim Guan Eng's "Allah" Gambit Backfires

See I told you so, this Pakatan tipu Rakyat.

When asked whether the opposition pact would defend the use of the word “Allah” in the Bible should it succeed to form the government after the general election, Abdul Hadi said: “Let’s form the government first.”

Hadi, Anwar and Kit Siang, Why Wait?

If leaders and parties of the fake opposition coalition had really been honest, especially Hadi and PAS, they would have declared the usage of "Allah" by non-Muslims with a signed declaration like the signed Kuching Declaration.

See, I told you so, ‘Non-Muslims can’t use Allah’

Pakatan Rakyat please cease and desist with all these lip-sync consensus and common, common lies and spin.

My fellow right thinking Christians, do not be fooled by Lim Guan Eng's desperate vote fishing expedition.

Lim Guan Eng had raised the "Allah" issue to deflect the fact that the DAP is a much troubled party. DAP is now a fish rotting at the head.

DAP cannot defend you and your families against PAS' religious extremes.

DAP do not care for non-Muslims in Kelantan and Kedah, "PAS-led government takes the bang out of CNY stage performances".

In fact they will encourage PAS' extreme views, DAP's Anthony Loke proposes ban on "sexy performers"

Any comments, Zairil anak Khir Johari?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breaking News : Malaysian Government Resigns

Yes it's true.

As at 2.20pm The Malaysian government had resigned to the fact that there are an estimated million 70,000 100,000 protesters gathered in and outside Merdeka Stadium.

Malaysiakini: "70,000 in and outside stadium as rally kicks off"

2.20pm: Stadium Merdeka - An estimated 70,000 are in and outside stadium. The weather is cloudy but the earlier drizzler has stopped. A police helicopter is seen hovering above the city.

70,000 are in and outside stadium or 70,000 period?

That was at 2.20pm now at 3.20pm it's "100,000 at Stadium Merdeka for 'Uprising' rally"

Okay 100,000, I'll give an extra 200,000 for a grand total of 300,000 to make Anwar Ibrahim happy.

I truly symphatise with the desperate man he is, begging to "Keep tweeting and posting all day"

Burger, burger, burger.

It's 3.30 pm, got to go. Thinking of burgers made me hungry.
"The truth is that this is a matter for the man to resolve, without dragging innocent thousands into the stadium to support a cause that is both selfish and cynical in the extreme" - Tunku Abdul Aziz

Update 4.30

Okay back from burger snack and for some main stream media report from The Star "Live coverage: Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat" and I like this pic -

Caught oncamera, a bearded guy robed in white and kopiah tailing a very ahem lady.

But seriously folks, @ 3.25pm: PAS deputy president Mat Sabu addresses crowd, and thanks police, stadium management and DBKL for cooperating with rally organisers. He hopes the crowd will disperse peacefully after the rally -

Who is going to pay for damages caused in and outside Merdeka Stadium?

The snatch thieves are having a field day and not mentioning the more hardcore crimes committed today.

More importantly time and resources wasted by PDRM to prevent and solve all these crimes these opposition idiots are screaming on the rise.

Tunku Abdul Aziz and Dr Chandra Muzaffar Condemn KL112 Rally

Two prominent activists have come out to condemn the opposition contrived KL112 rally.

What is more pertinent both, Tunku Abdul Aziz and Dr Chandra Muzaffa, were members of the opposition. Tunku Abdul Aziz and Dr Chandra Muzaffa were DAP vice-chairman and Parti Keadilan deputy president respectively.

Dr Chandra Muzaffa especially had been a very staunch supporter of Anwar Ibrahim and in fact a co-founder of the party, then called Keadilan, now PKR and led de facto by Anwar.

The rally is widely believed to be a diversion and related to court proceedings arising out of allegations of Anwar Ibrahim having certain sexual proclivities.

Read Another Brick in the Wall, "Desperate PR's attempt for Tahrir Square-like revolution?"

The Sundaily Report,"Tunku Abdul Aziz condemns rally" -
Two internationally-acclaimed Malaysian social activists have condemned the so-called Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People Uprising Rally) to be held here tomorrow, which they refer to as nothing more than a betrayal of public trust and a mockery of democracy.

Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim sees clearly, the hands of some opposition leaders behind the rally to obscure the truth about numerous personal problems afflicting them.

On his part, Dr Chandra Muzaffar says it is a shameful act that all champions of freedom and democracy should condemn as crude, vulgar and despicable.

Tunku Abdul Aziz told Bernama that the rally was actually not a protest against any critical national issue but rather a non-issue, at best, and a betrayal of public trust, at worst.

"An opposition leader is again doing what he does best and that is to pull the wool over our eyes so as to obscure the truth.

"The truth is that this is a matter for the man to resolve, without dragging innocent thousands into the stadium to support a cause that is both selfish and cynical in the extreme," said Tunku Abdul Aziz, better known for his various roles in worldwide anti-corruption movement and a former special adviser to former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan.

"He who makes the bed should lie on it himself, but then it would not be that Opposition Leader, would it?" he asked.

Tunku Abdul Aziz could not hide his contempt over the organisers of the rally.

"I should have thought members of the public would have seen through this little charade but I am disappointed that there are reasonable people among us who are willing to be led by the nose to endorse an act that morally reprehensible.

"The opposition will obviously stop at nothing to cause maximum chaos and anxiety in a society that has become tired of the sort of irresponsible antics that have become the opposition's weapons of choice," he added.

Tunku Abdul Aziz was a strong opponent of the Bersih 3.0 rally held here last year and he showed this by resigning from the DAP which supported street demonstrations. He was then a DAP vice-chairman.

"I would urge my fellow Malaysians, in particular, not to allow themselves to be hoodwinked by an irresponsible opposition bent on getting to Putrajaya, no matter what it takes in human costs, not their own, naturally."

Dr Chandra, who is president of the International Movement for a Just World (Just), said if the rally became a channel for merely ventilating hate and anger based on outrageous lies and distortions, it would make a mockery of democracy and a subversion of freedom.

He said he was disturbed to learn that the appearance of a witness in a court case related to a defamation suit would be raised during the Saturday rally.

"If this is true, there is an attempt to use 'people power' to prevent the judicial process from taking its course.

"It would be a terrible travesty of justice. Only fascists manipulate the masses against the court system," he told Bernama.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin - Anwar Ibrahim Clone

I commented on Datuk Rocky's latest article, "Bank Islam thinks BN will fall in PRU13?", that I am skeptical of the TMI report about Bank Islam's chief economist, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin's "calculation" predicting the outcome of the next general election in favour of Pakatan Rakyat.

Correctly, Datuk Rocky pointed out that En AAA had been highly critical of the government on more than one occassion.

In the latest follow up, The Malaysia Insider reports "Bank Islam economist’s polls forecast ruffles feathers"

It is not unlike TMI to change it's tune when you consider it's previous headline "tea leaves", when breaking the story, is now a "forecast".

Thus, I am giving the Bank Islam chief economist the benefit of a doubt only because I am skeptical of the TMI report. I am unable to trace the Singapore Straits Times report as claimed by TMI.

It is right for the Bank Islam management to verify what had been presented by EN AAA as it is a matter of professional ethics but more importantly credibility of the bank. I will leave it at that for the moment.

Anyway, from the Regional Outlook Forum 2013 programme, En AAA had his presentation titled "Malaysia's Economic Outlook". Bland when you consider the other 2 panellists' optimistic "Investment as the Engine of Growth: The Case of Indonesia" and "Asia 2013:Brighter Horizons and Asean 2013:Resilience Tested".

If the TMI reports are verified by the Bank Islam management inquiry it will only confirm ,"like father like son", En AAA as an epitome of his party de facto leader's character - a Malaysian who takes pride condemning Malaysia.

EN AAA will then have to account for his brazen acts as an Anwar Ibrahim clone and must be stopped from becoming another, what Ah Chua would say, Anwar cloney.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The "Allah" Issue : When the Pakatan Tipu Rakyat

The "Allah'" issue has been raised again. I had asked the question, "So Who is Raising the "Allah" Issue Now?"

I quoted relevent excerts from Anwar Ibrahim's blog and none is more apt than the last quote carried in my article, attributed to Harakah Daily as stated in that Anwar Ibrahim posting - "He also called on all parties not to politicise the matter as this could threaten the peace among the different religious groups in the country."

Of course we all know who had raised the "Allah" issue.

It was none other than part-time knight templar, Lim Guan Eng @ Joseph Lim, as reported by The Malaysian Insider report, "DAP, PAS send mixed messages on ‘Allah’ issue", despite the PAS president calling on all parties "not to politicise the matter as this could threaten the peace among the different religious groups in the country".

Almost everyone, the sane and responsible ones, will agree that religion and politics is a deadly mix.

It must also be said, therefore, when Hadi called on all parties not to politicise the "Allah" issue, it is an irony. PAS' the party and it's politics are predicated on Islam. It is more than recognised as an Islamist party. All policies espoused and issues raised by the party must conform to the party's Islamic principles.

Be that as it may, Lim Guan Eng had seen it fit to raise the "Allah" issue, when the issue had already been decided by the courts.

There can only be one conclusion - a politically motivated move on the part of the DAP secretary-general.

Let's examine what "elected" Malay DAP member, Zairil anak Khir Johari, had to say in the TMI report.

Zairil as quoted by TMI, “He (Lim) only asked that it be allowed in the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible that is used by Christians in Sabah and Sarawak” and “Therefore, the issue of usage of the word “Allah” in Peninsula Malaysia does not arise at all”.

But Zairil's Penang CM boss is quoted to have said,
“For this reason, DAP urges the BN Federal government to allow the use of the word ‘Allah’ on the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible as has been allowed in Sabah and Sarawak for the last 50 years and practised in the Middle East for more than a thousand years,” Lim wrote in a statement on December 24 in English and Mandarin.
"DAP urges the BN Federal government to allow the use of the word ‘Allah’ on the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible as has been allowed in Sabah and Sarawak" in the context must surely mean allowing the usage in peninsular Malaysia.

I reiterate, whether it is in East or West Malaysia, the matter has already been decided by the courts. So what is Lim talking and DAP minion Zairil spinning about?

By raising the "Allah" issue, Lim Guan Eng kills two birds with one Christian crusading call.

Firstly, to shore up lost Christian votes for his party and their fake coalition.

Recent events like "Tee Yong: Rights of non-Muslims violated, yet DAP keeping mum " and "Non-Muslims should not get summonses for ‘khalwat’, says minister" in PAS ruled Kelantan, where non-Muslims were subject to PAS convoluted Islamic laws, confirms what many non-Muslims had always feared - PAS Hudud laws when passed will be applied to all.

Secondly, Lim Guan Eng and Zairil anak Khir Johari knew that there was a ticking time bomb on their hands - the controversial DAP national party election result.

The explosion, the result the way it was, would be felt in the next general election.

DAP can say bye bye to Malay votes for the DAP at the very least. At the very most, it confirmed what most Malays knew, even Malays in it's coalition partner PAS, that DAP is nothing more than a chauvinistic Chinese party.

In the predominantly Chinese constituencies, as it has now come to pass, the DAP has it's own fixed deposit. It is in the mixed constituencies that the results of the DAP party elections will have the greatest impact. The party election result will alienate not only the Malay but the Indian votes as well.

It exploded, however, that the DAP party elections results were flawed. That is, if we are to believe the DAP story.

But the problem was, never in the history of the DAP has anything like this ever happened. It is unprecedented.

It is a serious blow to the credibility of the DAP as a party in general, impacting it's supporters, in and outside the party, in particular.

Not only has the DAP national party election fiasco cast suspicion among it's own members as to the truth of the revelations, it left a bitter taste in just about everyone to doubt it's ability and transparency in governing.

If the party had failed to manage and botches a simple party election of less than a couple of thousand voters, it could not be trusted to manage the country.

DAP is now a laughing stock. The party is now seen as a hypocrite condemning the Election Commission, which has smoothly managed 12 general elections for the entire country's millions of voters without any major controversial result, for incompetence and allegations of fraud.

When the leaders, especially Lim Guan Eng, held information from it's voting delegates who could easily been immediately informed, the party and it's leaders cannot be trusted, per se.

Enter The "Allah" issue and in Malaysia, there is nothing better than a religious explosion, to take away heat from a political implosion.

Christians are rising to Lim Guan Eng's clarion call.

PAS' Hudud has been neutralised.

The recent DAP party elections disaster are but a distant memory.

Let's not be fooled and blinded by the Pakatan Rakyat solidarity in support of Lim Guan Eng in the "Allah" issue.

If Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and especially PAS president Abdul Hadi are honest to goodness people, and since all these Pakatan Rakyat leaders are unanimous in the "Allah" issue, make it official and specifically declare as Common Policy Position (or whatever Pakatan Rakyat wants to call it) - allowing the use of "Allah" by non-Muslims.

Something like this:
Media statement by Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 10 January 2013

DAP confirms that a PR meeting comprising of DAP, PKR and PAS top leaders were held in DAP Headquarters in the evening of 8 January 2013.

The PR meeting reaffirmed the common policy stand of the three parties as contained in the PR Common Policy Framework 2009, Buku Jingga 2010 and PR Joint Statement 28th September 2011. For the forthcoming general election, the usage of "Allah" by non-Muslims is allowed and now included, will also be the policy basis of PR after the next general election. This policy has been reached by common consensus with the agreement of all the three parties.

HRH Sultan of Selangor's edict was discussed at the meeting. At the meeting, DAP stressed the party's consistent stand in allowing the use of "Allah" by non-Muslims and explained that this was in line with the Federal Constitution. The meeting concluded with both DAP, PAS and PKR agreeing on the "Allah" issue.

Allowing Non-Muslims to use "Allah" is therefore included in the PR Common Policy Framework or in Buku Jingga, it is therefore PR policy. Only policies mentioned in the Common Policy Framework, Buku Jingga or agreed to by all 3 parties will be implemented in a PR government.

At all times this usage must always be in a respectful and responsible manner.

DAP leaders present were Lim Kit Siang, PAS Pesident Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

*Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary General & MP for Bagan
Better still, incorporating it in the Kuching Declaration as Article Eight:






In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorised thereto, have signed this Declaration, and all the peoples of Malaysia being witnesses thereof.

Done at Kuala Lumpur, this 10th day of January, 2013, in six copies of which one shall be deposited with each of the signatories

For People’s Justice Party (KEADILAN)
Y.B. Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Umum

For Democratic Action Party (DAP)
Y.B. Lim Kit Siang, Parliamentary Leader

For Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS)
Y.B. Dato’ Seri Hj. Abdul Hadi Awang, President

For People’s Justice Party (KEADILAN)
Y.B. Baru Bian, Chairman, PKR Sarawak

For Democratic Action Party (DAP)
Y.B. WONG HO LENG, Chairman, DAP Sarawak

For Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS)
TUAN HAJI ADAM BIN AHID, State Commissioner,
After including it as © 2013 Pakatan Rakyat official policy, there should be no PR worries, because clicking any link to "Download the Pakatan Rakyat common policy documents here" does not work, in more ways than one.

Another Pakatan Tipu Rakyat.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Dose of Nizar Jamaluddin Snake Oil

What Death Railway compensation and to the tune of a whopping 207 billion ringgit is
Nizar Jamaluddin talking about?

The Bukit Gantang member of parliament must really be the next best snake oil salesman, the best being Anwar Ibrhim, in confusing Takaharu Suegami at the Japanese embassy to consult Tokyo to get further details, buying his story of "documents proving that the RM207 billion from Tokyo was received". So his party organ reports.

This prompted the Japanese embassy "In a short email to Jejak clarifying the report, the embassy said it was not aware of any other compensation paid to Malaysia other than the 1967 agreement between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur", also in Harakah "Embassy clarifies report on 'Death Railway' compensation"

It is more confounding when on-line portals like Free Malaysia Today choose to chase Nizar's tall tale in it's report today, "Death Railway: Ships or billions?"

What are the facts?

Japan had signed a peace treaty with Allied Countries called the San Francisco Peace Treaty on 8 September 1951.

Library of Congress documents, in examining cases and recourse for compensation or reperation from the Japanese government, and makes extensive reference to this treaty.

VIII. What Was Taken From or Paid By Japan, B. Compensation Specified in the Peace Treaty cites 1. Article 14(a)1 of the treaty and notes "Japan had agreements with Burma, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam under this provision".

Of relevance is Burma, being the country subject of the Death Railway, the document in citing the source quotes, "The Union of Burma shall not present any claim based on the provisions of Article V, paragraph 1(a)(III) of the Treaty of Peace between Japan and the Union of Burma signed at Rangoon on November 5, 1954, after the date of coming into force of the Agreement between Japan and the Union of Burma on Economic and Technical Co-operation."

What it meant was Burma, now Myanmar, would make no further claims from Japan.

C. Quasi-Reparations in the Form of Gratuitous Economic Aid and Credit further adresses compensation thus, "In the same way that Japan agreed to supplement its formal reparations under the San Francisco Peace Treaty (as explained above), Japan and several Asian countries negotiated gratuitous economic aid and/or credit. Some renounced their claims to formal reparations, and others were not parties to the San Francisco Peace Treaty. As these were “provided in the spirit of reparations, they were called ‘quasi-reparations’ in Japan." My emphasis is added.

In the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, under Major Bilateral Agreements and Arrangements, you will find - Agreement on Quasi-Reparation (Signed on 21 September, 1967).

In this Agreement of 21st September, 1967, Between Japan and Malaysia, Article II states, "The Government of Malaysia agrees that all questions arising out of the unhappy events during the Second World War which may effect the existing good relations between the two countries are hereby fully and finally settled." My emphasis is also added here.

The quantum of compensation is clearly stated as (then) Malaysian dollars 25,000,000.

The Library of Congress citation of WWII POW AND FORCED LABOR COMPENSATION CASES also provides the many sums Japan paid to various countries but it is nowhere near what Nizar attempts to claim, pun intended.

Be that as it may, WWII POW AND FORCED LABOR COMPENSATION CASES has the following conclusion,
"The Japanese Supreme Court has denied compensation for individuals because the relevant treaties settled individuals’ claims. Reparation and compensation for the damages caused by WWII were settled by the San Francisco Peace Treaty and other bilateral treaties."
That conclusion is supported in the San Francisco Peace Treaty by Article 14 (b)
Except as otherwise provided in the present Treaty, the Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers, other claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals arising out of any actions taken by Japan and its nationals in the course of the prosecution of the war, and claims of the Allied Powers for direct military costs of occupation.
If you think that Tokyo has any other reperation other than what was agreed upon in the Agreement of 21st September, 1967, Between Japan and Malaysia, as what Nizar now wants you to believe, then you too would be buying the snake oil that the Bukit Gantang member of parliament is pedalling.

Monday, January 7, 2013

DAP CEC Elections : Phantom Votes

Famous opposition allegations - phantom voters.

How about phantom votes for phantom candidates?!

Further to my previous post, here is something that is very interesting.

According to Free Malaysia Today, "66 to fight for 20 DAP CEC positions",
"Party organising secretary Teresa Kok today said that at the close of nomination for the CEC positions, the party had received 103 nomination papers.

However, 37 candidates have pulled out from the contest and the remainder 66 candidates would fight it out for the 20 available CEC slots."
The official DAP Rocket "List of CEC candidates" dated the very day of the DAP congress, 15 December 2012,
A total of 66 qualified candidates will be contesting for 20-CEC posts in the DAP 16th National Congress to be held in Penang on 15-16 December 2012.
The "Administrative tabulation error in DAP National Congress CEC election results"
As a result of an error in the Excel spreadsheet, the votes for Candidates number 31 to 38 were exactly the same as those of Candidates number 61 to 68.
66 or 68?

I am absolutely certain it's definitely not 67 or 69.

DAP CEC Elections : Tabulation Error or Sham?

From The Malaysian Insider report, "Malays fail to make the cut for DAP leadership posts", the elected members of the CEC are as follows:

Lim Kit Siang 1,607
Lim Guan Eng 1,576
Karpal Singh 1,411
Chong Chieng Jen 1,211
Anthony Loke Siew Fook 1,202
Vincent Wu Him Ven 1,202
Tan Kok Wai 1,199
Gobind Singh Deo 1,197
Tony Pua Kiam Wee 1,162
Teng Chang Khim 1,152
Fong Kui Lun 1,137
Nga Kor Ming 1,075
Chong Eng 1,006
Chow Kon Yeow 986
Liew Chin Tong 984
M. Kula 984
Boo Cheng Hau 958
Teresa Kok 925
Teo Nie Ching 903
Ngeh Koo Ham 824

It also reported a "total 68 candidates were nominated to vie for the 20 CEC posts but this morning, five withdrew from the elections leaving only 63 candidates".

In announcing officially the "error", "Administrative tabulation error in DAP National Congress CEC election results", it said,
"As a result of an error in the Excel spreadsheet, the votes for Candidates number 31 to 38 were exactly the same as those of Candidates number 61 to 68."
From the announcement, These are the names of candidates nos 31-38:
31 LIM LIP ENG 448
34 M. KULA 984
38 NG WEI AIK 407

and the names of candidates nos 61-68:

So what?

Well, candidates 31-38 are in alphabetical order. That is, L-N.

However, candidates 61-68 are not. Another tabulation error perhaps.

Also, according to the explanation, the vote tally for candidates 31-38 are deemed accurate.

Therefore, when it said "votes for Candidates number 31 to 38 were exactly the same as those of Candidates 61 to 68", DAP is saying that the "error" is in the form of identical votes in particular lists.

The question now arises if M. Kula's 984 votes are accurate, is Liew Chin Tong's identical 984 votes also part of the "error" as with Anthony Loke and Vincent Wu? (See above members originally elected into the CEC)

For another matter, the actual audited results for candidates 61-68, not in alphabetical order:

After all the flak, of the DAP being a Chinese chauvinist party by delegates ignoring Malays, Zairil squeezes in as an elected CEC member!

By 1 vote!

Veteran Dr Tan Seng Giaw, former deputy chairman, garnered 802 votes.

So, is it a tabulation error or a sham?

If it is no sham, it is one mighty convenient error.