Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worms Crawling Out of the Woodwork

All the DAP drama, a sinister one at that, was a consequence of complaints by its own members questioning the legitimacy of the second "official" result of the DAP national party polls.

Complaint against the second "official" result, amidst suspicions to accomodate a Malay when in the first not a single Malay was voted in, which elevated Zairil Khir Johari as an elected member in the party polls.

I cannot but help thinking, now, about Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid Ibrahim who quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat in disgust, condemning and publicly accusing the party of manipulation, unfair electoral practices and fraud, also in national party polls.

How come Zaid Ibrahim did not make a complaint to the Registrar of Societies?

The Edge reported, "Zaid Ibrahim withdraws from PKR deputy president contest, quits all part posts"

Its worth noting, that fellow not worth mentioning and fond of suing, did not sue Zaid.

Madam Ambiga should at least have a word with Nurul Izzah even if the BERSIH person is deafeningly silent in this matter of electoral fraud and manipulation practised in the vice-president's party, the PKR.

And I thought that Zaid Ibrahim had quit politics to go into business, in Singapore. Just like the other politically bankrupt and failed businessman, DAP YB Tony Pua.

Well, Zaid Ibrahim will advise PR in battle for Johor, Kit Siang says and who knows, maybe Zaid could get some pointers from the failed businesman, Tony Pua.

Better still, Zaid Ibrahim could personally ask Lim Kit Siang whether its true that the DAP national polls were rigged, to make way for Zairil Khir Johari.

By the way, last I heard, PKR is still part of Pakatan Rakyat. Aren't they?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malaysian Opposition Politics for Dummies Partie Deux - Ambiga the Woeful Liar and Gems from Lim Kit Siang

In a previous I wrote "Dirty Ambiga does not even know how to lie properly. Ambiga tells, all who care to listen, she is impartial but you do not see her anywhere other than opposition organised events and now with the elections, election rallies".

In all fairness, here's BERSIH's madam "Ambiga: I don’t campaign for Pakatan", April 12, 2013 but do pay attention to the dates.

It is more, as a court judge would say, an afterthought, coming "under fire, with critics again taking a swipe at her for gracing opposition events despite insisting that the polls watchdog is non-partisan" in the same report.

Madam Ambiga defends that overused and expired opposition call for change,
Ambiga also explained that voter education included telling the people not to be afraid of change.

“There are those who frighten the people on the ground, especially the Indian community with talks of riot and whatnot if there is a change in government".
Riots? Indians? Yes, definitely one or two for the dummies.

Madam Ambiga came under fire because "Ambiga wows Seremban crowd", April 10, 2013, with that overused,
“Saudara, saudari,” she said. “Don’t be afraid of change. Nothing wrong with change. There are people who say, ‘Don’t change. If you change, we don’t know what will happen. There will be unrest and this and that.’

“Don’t believe them. Do you believe them?”

“No,” came the thunderous reply."
See, see, see or not. No? Brothers and sisters, if the thunderous reply implies the thousands in attendance do not believe people who say do not change because change will cause this and that, there is no need to tell them not to be afraid.

Well if Ambiga tried to cover her "change" of a story, dummies should recognise with ease,
“Both now have track records. You can compare [and decide] which is good governance, clean, transparent and accountable".
The CAT is out of the bag.

Remember the afterthought and the date? After the afterthought, food for thought the very next day "Bersih's Ambiga appears at Nurul Izzah event", Apr 14, 2013.

Stick around folks for the best entry for dummies.

Debate addict Nurul Izzah's "concerns include a massive increase in the number of voters in Lembah Pantai, from just more than 58,000 voters in 2008 to 71,000 voters in the third quarter of 2012", says that darn opposition leaning online news portal, Malaysiakini.

While Ambiga spares no effort deriding the Election Commission to fight "fraud", she says nothing about the complaints of fraudulent and unfair party elections to the ROS by members of the DAP. Worse, silent on Nurul Izzah's own massive fraudulent national party polls. By the way, do correct me if I am wrong, the complaints against the DAP were lodged by their own members the majority of whom are Indians. There you go Ambiga. Talking about change and Indians.

Here is the best entry for dummies.

It is true that the Lembah Pantai eligible voter numbers has increased, from 56,650 to 72,533 to be exact.

The increase is 28.04%

I also mentioned Lim Kit Siang, vis-a-vis Nurul Izzah in this matter, making no bones about increased and no mention of phantom, voters in Dummies part 1.

Lying Ambiga, should she share Nurul Izzah's shameful sham concerns, must look into Gelang Patah.

You see, the Gelang Patah eligible voter numbers has increased from 78,676 to 106,864. Since the DAP cannot even handle simple arithmetic for less than a couple of thousand in their party elections, one for the dummies as well, I will do the maths.

The increase is a whopping 35.82%

(Source The Star here and its "Make Your Vote count" 32 page nomination supplement, 21 April 2013)

And speaking of Lim Kit Siang, here are his gems for dummies.
"The Kelantan Mentri Besar, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, should reconsider the State Government’s proposal to introduce the ban on public sale and consumption of alcohol affecting non-Muslims, for it will have nation-wide repercussions in arousing non-Muslim alienation against PAS not only in Kelantan but throughout Malaysia. Such an action by the PAS-led Kelantan State Government will only confirm UMNO allegations that PAS policies are completely unsuitable for a multiracial and multi-religious society like Malaysia" - by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, June 20, 1993
Dummies must really enjoy this, "Why as a Chinese I will always vote PAS",
Yes as a Chinese, I will vote in PAS anytime, anywhere in this country, because with the Pakatan Rakyat I can rest assured that the law as spelled out in our constitution will reign supreme, and pretenders like PAS will be stopped right in their tracks by the DAP unlike the shenanigans at the MIC and MCA who have now brought minorities to their knees by deceiving them of their rights by colluding with UMNO.
See, see, see or not. No? You really are dummies.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catholic Churches Staying Out of Partisan Politics?

The Star today carries under GE 13 this report, "Churches to stay out of partisan politics".

I have said previously, I do not concern myself how the other Christian denominations administer and conduct affairs pertaining to their churches in Malaysia.

The Star report carries a statement from the secretary-general of the Council of Churches.

I question the statement and comment in a Catholic point of view.

The report is published here verbatim and my comments are in red.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian church leaders will not attend political functions or accept donations from politicians until the end of the elections so as to remain neutral, said the Council of Churches.

Attending political functions and donations is not the issue here, is it? But it would be if it were so.

My highest church leader, Rev Father Archbishop Murphy Pakiam, in his election message to congregants, flashed on the video screen in church, makes specific reference to free and fair elections.

Whether I am making a mountain out of a molehill or being oversensitive, it is incontrovertible that this call for free and fair elections, is synonymous with opposition sloganeering.

The fact of the matter is our country has had 12 uninterupted elections since independence with opposition parties winning previously, prior to the 2008 elections, in Kelantan (1959 and 1990), Penang (1969), Sabah (1985) and Terengannu (1959 and 1999). And that 12th election edition of 2008 saw the opposition parties winning in 5 states - retaining Kelantan and taking over Penang, Perak, Kedah and Selangor.

The call for free and fair elections is nothing more than an opposition ploy, piggyback riding on the dishonest BERSIH bandwagon, to spread resentment and disatisfation among the electorate towards the governtment and by extension the Barisan Nasional.

Therefore, it is my considered view that our country practises free and fair elections and a view otherwise is an opposition contrived point of view.

Since Rev Father Archbishop Pakiam, as leader of the Malaysian Catholic church, shares this similar opposition point of view, I therefore cannot consider him to be neutral.

Its secretary-general Rev Dr Herman Shastri said this in response to allegations by certain quarters that churches, which were hosting forums with some politicians, were indirectly promoting them to its members.

This is not an allegation but a fact, I call on Bishops and priests in all Catholic churches, do not be hypocrites, shame the devil and tell the the truth. Do not hide the fact that the Church is looking the other way in this indirect and deceitful promotion of opposition propaganda among the Catholic faithful.

Dr Shastri said it was wrong for people to jump to such conclusions, adding that while church members were free to support whatever causes they wish, the establishments themselves have and always will stay out of partisan politics.

No jumping to conclusions here. The Catholic Church and its priest are part and parcel of the church establishment. Father Miranda and Father Lexson are priests who, I can unhesistatingly mention, practise partisan politics in church during mass.

Can my Catholic church confirm, or deny, that priestly members of its establishment will stay, or have stayed, out of partisan politics?

He added that politicians invited to speak in churches were Christians themselves or members of non-governmental organisations.

Well, I think Gobind Singh must have invited himself to a church in Puchong last Sunday then.

And once you are an NGO, even if its members are known opposition politicians, the criteria of being Christian to be invited is exempted, fair enough. Clever, but fair enough.

Dr Shastri said that such forums were geared towards informing members on issues related to their community.

Yes, I won't argue issues, for want of another word, pun intended. I will only say, do explain and take the Federal and State Constitutions into consideration, in these forums. The realities and complexities, if you will.

“There has been growing interest among Christians to be informed about the work of the government and the policies that affect the religious community. It is only natural for people to want to engage their leaders in the democratisation process of the country,” he said.

So all these while Catholics had little or no interests and were not informed "about the work of the government and the policies that affect the religious community". I don't think so.

"It is only natural for people to want to engage their leaders in the democratisation process of the country" but who or what leaders is the CCM referring to? Religious leaders or political leaders? I strongly recommend my Catholic church engage not unlike Gobind Singh above, PAS. With PAS you get religious and political leaders all rolled into one.

My mistake, reading the statement, its only Christians allowed, I wonder why that is so, now.

However, when you are being informed by a Christian DAP member, Catholics should ask whether the DAP and their dear leader, Lim Guan eng, can give their/his "word" on matters not specified in the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto.

When you are being informed by a Christian PKR member but I don't think so. PKR is also out. Take my "word" on this.

Natural "democratisation process" to turn the country into a PAS Islamic state is unacceptable, I guarantee that but Hudud is okay according to another of my church leader, Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan.

It was reported that members of the 1Malaysia People's Information Club had demonstrated against a church forum which featured Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, arguing that the religious establishment was being “misused to spread political messages”.

Fact. Dirty Ambiga does not even know how to lie properly. Ambiga tells, all who care to listen, she is impartial but you do not see her anywhere other than opposition organised events and now with the elections, election rallies.

The group also said that “mixing religion and politics would lead to chaos”.

Fact. And they should stress this in the so-called forums. And if they don't, they as are equally ignorant as Moonies were in Malaysia.

Dr Shastri said people and the authorities should respect the rights of church members to be informed, adding that churches were praying for all Christians in the elections.

How did "the authorities" come into this subject matter and when did anyone question rights to be informed?

My church should come clean on what they are actually praying for in this coming elections.

Other than calling for free and fair elections, "UBAH" is another opposition chant.

In the prayer for the faithful, this prayer was unequivocally asked in a mass, which I walked out off, - "WE PRAY FOR UBAH", period. Not a word lost, in any translation.

Talking about praying, a certain Chrissane Chin of CCM, comes to mind.

For my very close cousin who, like me, also walked out of mass on more than one occasion. Feeling strongly in regards to the present subject matter had texted me a message this morning to read The Star page 10.

Thanks G.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

DAP and The Mother of All Cons

And you still want to support this Chinese chauvinistic, con artist, drama, crocodile tears party.

A dead giveaway,
"As decided by the central executive committee members during the emergency meeting late last night at the party headquarters, if no official letter from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) by 3pm today, DAP will stick to the earlier decision of using the party symbol of our two partners in Pakatan" - Karpal Singh
The Star on DAP's biggest hoax this millenium, "DAP’s non-existent ‘threat",
That means the DAP is still in business as the ROS had not declared the elections null and void or the central committee (CEC) null and void. Any decision about the legality of the elections would only come after the party had replied.
Read between the lines, when the so-called "issue" broke, Sundaily reported the drama,
"Lim (Kit Siang) said there should be no issue of de-registration, judgment or action before the ongoing probe and official inquiry are completed."
Lim Kit Siang himself says that de-registration, then it must also follow including non-recognition of the CEC, cannot be decided until the ROS probe is completed, similar to The Star analysis and corroborated by Karpal Singh's slip of the lip above.

If DAP had taken the ROS letter to expressly mean that the DAP CEC is null and void then how can there be any CEC to decide anything, according to Karpal Singh.

Everyone should have smelt a rat, stinking in the DAP.

An issue as huge as this which would jeopardise and change the whole complexion of the 13th GE, especially for the opposition Chinese and their endearment to the Rocket symbol, would have raised a hue and cry that would have rocked the heavens and earth.

But there was hardly any protest from the Pakatan Rakyat partners, no Tony Pua type dramatic press statements and even the most vocal opposition leaning online mediums were conspicuously quiet.

Instead there were tears, did you believe it, from the most combative and highest ranking DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang crocodile tears.

Where were all usual suspect lawyers, the suing kinds, the loyarburok experts from and including the Bar Council, throwing their dua sen worth interpreting the contents of the ROS letter? Or, the usual suspect lawyers would have gone helter-skelter to the courts for legal recourse.

Come on lah, let's not take and eat shit. If the contents of the ROS letter meant and caused such a predicament and with it the dire consequences, you can bet your last dollar copies of the letter would have gone viral on the net gangnam style.

Instead we had DAP drama, Zee and Celestial channel style.

Then there is the relief. I do not know about the rest but can anyone explain how an official government (is it caretaker government) letter be sent and receive after office hours? DAP adviser or whatever Lim Kit Siang told reporters at the sideline of the candidates nomination today that ROS had sent the letter to DAP at 9.30pm last night!

Either and any way, this too, stinks.

Whatever anyone thinks, opines and conclude about this DAP drama, consider the following.

Would the die-hard chauvinist Chinese opposition supporters, especially in Penang, put a cross, pun intended, for the Moon on the ballot paper?

I can almost smell these chauvinist Chinese opposition supporters in Penang puking at the very thought and some probably did.

Although it is not impossible for Barisan Nasional can retake Penang, almost everyone, except the politically naive, agree that DAP will retain Penang.

If it were true and DAP did use the PAS ticket and win, technically candidates would be representing PAS and technically Penang would be a PAS ruled state.
"However, for any elected representative elected on a party ticket to hop or cross over is an immoral, unethical and unprincipled act that shows utter contempt for the democratic choice of their voters. If they were elected on the party they represent, they should resign their seat and seek a fresh mandate from the people if they chose to leave the party platform on which they were elected on. Democracy, accountability and ethical conduct demands that the voters be given another opportunity to pass judgment whether such a decision by the elected representative to hop over is acceptable or not" - Lim Guan Eng
Now chew on that.

Tribute To Barisan Nasional




Friday, April 19, 2013

Catholic Opposition Front

Firstly, my grateful thanks to those who have taken the time to visit this blog and offering their comments. I apologise for not giving any response or reply. I have made it a point to do so in the past. Due to work constraints my time blogging has been somewhat confined.

Back to the subject at hand.

Datuk Rocky has this posting,"Sunday election a bane to Malaysian Christians? Tell that to the Venezuelans!", I had wanted to respond to the complaint, putting it mildly, of Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan.

Never in my experience as a voter and as a Catholic have I ever witnessed the intensity of Christian political activism in any general election.

Even the Catholic church has gotten into this act - a video presentation of voting in the coming GE 13. Yes, of course the first time voters need to be educated in the election process. And yes, we must choose the most appropriate candidate/party that will best serve everyone's interest.

But all voters are adults and surely as adults you are matured enough to decide for yourself who you desire to vote for. You do not need anyone to tell or advise you how or who to vote for.

So what has the Church got to do in all of this? No matter how hard they try, the Christian church leaders and my church included it seems, they cannot hide their partialness and prejudice in favour of the opposition.

My daughter had just fulfilled her sacrament of Confirmation the last Sunday.

Knowing that Rev Father Archbishop Murphy Pakiam would be present for the sacrament, I had wanted to personally present a letter of complaint, also putting it mildly, to the Archbishop.

A letter of complaint that priests are actively preaching politics from the pulpit. Preaching politics from the pulpit is one thing, being wholly biased is another and I abhor both.

I must add here blogger "Can You See It" has beaten me to the altar with his, "An open letter to my Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan"

I had always believed that elements within the Malaysian Catholic Church were to be blamed for influencing church leaders in this present state of affairs.

However, my letter to Rev Father Murphy would have included the Archbishop himself, seeing his message on the coming elections, flashed in mass, which smacks of the same albeit disguised partisanship.

Shout blasphemy and I couldn't care less.

I did not do so, presenting a letter of complaint to Archbishop Murphy that is, only because I would be guilty of the same transgression, mixing religion with politics.

And of course, it would have meant inadvertently dragging my daughter into a matter that does not involve her at all, not to mention and more importantly exploiting the celebration a holy sacrament.

I am not going to be so kind as blogger Tony Yew, Catholics like it or not, I will be very blunt.

I speak as a Catholic, speaking honestly and although I have great respect, I don't give a hoot about the other Christian denominations. I will only say they are worst than Catholics when it comes to political activism and partisanship for the sole purpose of evangelism.

Catholics must be reminded that Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission as published by and in the Vatican,

Quote Pope John Paul II, with emphasis,
"In their generous service to the gospel ideal, some priests feel drawn to political involvement in order to help more effectively in reforming political life and in eliminating injustices, exploitation, and every type of oppression. The Church reminds them that on this road it is easy to be caught in partisan strife, with the risk of helping not to bring about the just world for which they long, but new and worse ways of exploiting poor people. In any case they must know that they have neither the mission nor the charism from above for this political involvement and activism

It should be added that the presbyter's right to express his own personal choices is limited by the requirements of his priestly ministry. This limitation too can be an aspect of the poverty he is called to practice following Christ's example. In fact, he can sometimes be obliged to abstain from exercising his own right so that he can be a strong sign of unity, and thus proclaim the Gospel in its fullness. Even more, he must avoid presenting his own choice as the only legitimate one, and within the Christian community, he should respect the maturity of the laity (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1196), and even work to help them achieve that maturity by forming their consciences (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1194). He will do what is possible to avoid making enemies by taking political stands that cause distrust and drive away the faithful entrusted to his pastoral mission.
Rev Father Archbishop Murphy Pakiam and Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan, are you not also priests?

By recalling the following episode, I say the majority of Catholics are bloody hypocrites.

It was first reported in the online portal Mole, "Midway though sermon, priest gets ticking off".

Let me tell you that that senior person who ticked off the priest had more guts than me, and others like me, who have also walked out during mass. Disgusted with politics from the pulpit.

It was no propaganda and spin reporting by the Mole, it was corroborated, by Mr John Xavier in the opposition leaning online news portal The Malaysian Insider entitled "The Church and democracy"

Here is Mr Xavier's half-truths and ignorance, also emphasised,
It is never a surprise when a parishioner stands up to speak or give his opinion although it is hardly done. What was unprecedented was the applause given to the priest. That is never done.

And it was a standing applause done twice, unlike what a news portal had reported yesterday.

This type of response is not isolated to just one church. Some might agree, some might not. No one is infallible, except the pope.

Christians are taught by faith to stand up for the oppressed and the truth and expect their priests and pastors to speak on matters which are important to the faithful.

If there is any lesson to be learnt from the Assumption Church, it is that democracy is alive in the church. That everyone can speak their mind. And the congregation can decide whose ideas they like better.
What a laugh.

Firstly, I pose this question to Mr Xavier, is the election of our Pope democratic? Unashamedly it is not,
“History was being made behind closed doors. It was undemocratic, it was nontransparent and it was wonderful."
And why are Catholics bloody hypocrites?

Post 2008, Catholics are grieving, as a minority, of being "oppressed" and "persecuted" with their rights "trampled" upon to appease the majority, the Muslim Malays.

If Mr Xavier proudly declares, in his version of events, that "democracy is alive in the church", what humbug when these priests preaching pro-opposition gospel from the pulpit do not respect my rights, as a minority, being pro-government do not wish to hear such prejudicial homilies to appease the majority. And getting applauded in the process.

I have always had this sentiment and had wanted to say this publicly and I will say it now.

Pro-opposition Catholics, as I have just said and thus won't even mention the other Christian denominations, fall into two categories - racists, the anti-Malays and bigots, the Islamophobic.

Before you virtuous Catholic lot start condemning me and refute my sentiment as unfounded by saying that Catholics now accept the other Malay and Muslim party, PAS, I will tell you it is only because these Catholics who would be mostly Chinese really believe their brethren opposition propaganda lies that DAP will save them from PAS' Islamic extremities.

Just like Rev Father Bishop Paul Tan believing and relieved by PAS deputy president Mat Sapu's assurance, in a word or two, when the Rev Father Bishop became painfully puzzled by PAS flip-flop. Selective ignorance is bliss or just plain stupid.

Either way, accepting PAS makes Catholics bigger bloody hypocrites.

By the way, I do not understand why Rev Father Paul Tan is making a meal about polling day on Sunday. For you bible toting Catholics, didn't our Jesus Christ ask in Luke 14:5,
And responding to them, he said, “Which of you will have a donkey or an ox fall into a pit, and will not promptly pull him out, on the day of the Sabbath?”
Yes, selective ignorance is indeed bliss and just plain stupid.

And before you pious Catholic lot start throwing stones at me, for calling you racists and bigots, look at yourself in the mirror and deep down admit it to yourself.

Archbishop Murphy, ahem Tan Sri's, call in his message for the all consuming and synonymous opposition call for free and fair elections, will be happily read and smiled in agreement by the opposition loving Catholics.

Yet these same Catholics will revile the head of their own Catholic church when the shoe is on the other foot. Yes indeed, "Ahead of Malaysia-Vatican ties, an archbishop under siege".

Tomorrow is nomination day.

Pakatan Rakyat should field the following loyal opposition supporters, who I am absolutely certain will be willing to disrobe, to stand in the 13th GE.

As mentioned by Mr Xavier - Father Jean-Claude, Tony Yew definitely will agree - Father Paulino Miranda and my choice because a very close first cousin not for the only time also walked out of church during his homily - Father Leonard Lexson.


I would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks to a very good friend without whom celebrating my daughter's Confirmation would not have been such a joyous occasion. Bro, if you are reading this danke, danke.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat Wants Putrajaya......

So that you know.

They all now want Putrajaya.

Anwar Ibrahim wants Putrajaya because he craves the prime minister residence in Putrjaya instead of his 8 million ringgit residence.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng also wants Putrajaya for themselves but realistically both cannot stay in the prime minister's residence although as Penang chief minister LGE does not stay at the chief ministers residence but rents a house.

PAS also wants Putrajaya and PAS spirtual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has sent his “blue-eyed” boy and PAS vice-president, Husam Musa, to contest the parliamentary seat.

But PAS wants Putrajaya for another reason. If PAS takes over Putrajaya they will sell it. At the time, the head of Malaysia's largest Islamic party, said that if his party gained power, he would "get the richest kings in the world to buy and rent out Putrajaya".

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Promise Is A Promise

Here is an excellent rebuttal that the BN manifesto or parts of it had been "lifted" from Pakatan Rakyat. The complete repudiation as published in on-line newsportal Free Malaysia Today, "Election promises: Who copied whom?"
by fmt on 9 Apr 2013 07:55
FMT LETTER: From Wong.saikim31, via e-mail

Have you heard this story before? At the launch of a new book, a visitor jumped up and down, screaming: “This is plagiarism. I have read every word in this book before.” When he was asked ‘Where?, he replied with a chuckle: “In the dictionary”.

I was reminded of this joke when I read in the newspapers about Pakatan Rakyat’s allegation that Barisan Nasional had ‘plagiarised’ its manifesto. PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar claimed that parts of the Barisan manifesto were ‘lifted’ from the Pakatan manifesto.

I have read the Barisan manifesto and I have re-read the Pakatan manifesto. I find instead that the reverse is true. Every policy in the Pakatan manifesto is a rehash of Alliance/Barisan policies which have been in existence since Malayan/Malaysian independence.

No, this is not an exaggeration. All of its overarching policy statements, ranging from eliminating discrimination to promoting culture to better education to job opportunities, have been the guiding principles of the ruling party these past 55 years.

There is not a single policy guideline that is new in the Pakatan document. As a specific policy, Nurul singled out the ‘reduction of car prices’ as her example of BN piracy. Let’s look at this claim closely.

The BN Government had introduced the National Automotive Policy in 2006 with the following as one of its aims: “To safeguard the interests of consumers in terms of value for money, safety and quality of products and services”.

Inherent in this clause is the promise to not only review car prices but more importantly, to look into the whole question of making the total cost of transportation more affordable for all Malaysians.

If reducing the price of cars is to make them more affordable, one must remember that the national car project was launched almost 30 years ago, making car ownership affordable to a larger section of the Malaysian population than before.

Pakatan proposes to ‘restructure the automotive policy’. The Automotive Policy is a dynamic instrument which has already been restructured over the last seven years. So, who is copying whom?

Another Pakatan proposal, to abolish tolls, is also not new. The BN government had in the past abolished tolls in selected areas and will continue to review toll collection on the expiry of toll concession periods. The Pakatan manifesto does not promise to abolish tolls immediately.

Its stated policy is to ‘gradually’ abolish tolls. The word ‘gradually’ is not defined, and it could take 10, 15 or 20 years. It must also be remembered that collecting tolls is not anathema to Pakatan. In Penang, the State Government is proposing toll collection in its proposed undersea tunnel project. Again, who is copying from whom?

Yet another Pakatan proposal is to abolish monopolies. But isn’t this the same purpose for which the Competition Act 2010 was introduced by the ruling government? So again, who is copying from whom?

Other copycat policies of Pakatan include the following:

• Building affordable houses for all.

• Basic health access

• Social safety network

• One million new jobs

• Minimum wage

These issues have always been the cornerstone of BN government’s policy thrusts.

So, once again, who is copying whom?
I applaud the author of the letter for his incisive recollection of the BN government initiatives and policies by which he succesfully debunks and puts to rest the question of who copied whom.

Pakatan Rakyat are nothing more than fake peddlers.

As the popular saying goes, don't go for fakes, go for the genuine.

Barisan Nasional does not need any manifesto. All BN governments have always taken care of the rakyat - in the very worst and very best of times. Barisan Nasional has always delivered, manifesto or no manifesto.

Where manifestos are concerned, for the Barisan Nasional, a promise is a promise, janji tetap janji.

And rightly so, Janji Ditepati.

Monday, April 8, 2013

PKR Hiring Neo-Con and Pro-Israeli Lobbyist, No Says Rafizi?

It all sounds too familiar.

Free Malaysia Today should have done it ala Raja Petra Kamaruddin and publish the "E-mail correspondence furnished to FMT" when it reported - PKR linked to US PR firm? Rafizi says ‘No’

It had all the the usual suspects, neo-conservatives and the FMT report had been specific with details.
“Unresolved issues are threatening the integrity of Malaysia’s electoral process and hold open the possibility, if not corrected, [of] plunging Malaysia into deep, post-electoral crisis,” said Orion Strategies’ Mike Mitchell to congressional staff Hana Atuatasi.

Mitchell also named the Malaysian delegates as Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel and Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian.
The usual response would be a denial but not good enough. What the BAFIA man Rafizi said to repudiate the report,
"In an e-mail response to FMT, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli denied the party had appointed any consultant or individuals to represent it during the general election, let alone a foreign one.

“We believe that we have enough talent among our volunteers and leadership to spearhead the campaign on our own. Besides, the cost itself will be prohibitive given the limited financial resources available to us,” he said.

Rafizi said he had also checked the matter with the US Foreign Agent Registry and confirmed that none in the US had ever been appointed to act on behalf of PKR, nor by anyone that could be associated with the party.

Rafizi added that he had also never heard of Orion Strategies"
You wonder why the need to check with any agency if you know for a fact your party did no such thing.

Limited financial resourses?

Free Malaysia Today also has this report, BERSIH - Anwar’s global fundraising ‘vehicle’?

Former DAP senator Tunku Aziz had claimed,
"Bersih, is a vehicle created by Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to obtain foreign funding for his political activities"
Further down the report, Tunku is also reported saying
“They told me that the movement was to ensure free and fair elections in the country,” said Tunku Aziz, disclosing that he was offered some US$4,000 monthly plus other perks and allowances for his position.

He said his suspicions about the agenda grew throughout the meeting and was confirmed when told that the movement would be about (obtaining) international funding after he enquired about it.
That should take care of any "limited financial resources" wouldn't it?

Here is another interesting excerpt of the report,
"He said he knew about Bersih’s foreign funding when he was invited for talks by Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah a few years ago on the possibility of heading then an unnamed election watchdog"
Sound familiar? How about Nurul Izzah and that Deepak fellow?

Coming back to Cynthia and Ibrahim the FMT repors "Gabriel and Ibrahim, in a joint statement, also dismissed the matter, claiming that it was an attempt to undermine their credibility within the Malaysian civil society fraternity"

I can't find any report on the web of any joint statement by Cynthia and Ibrahim and do you believe an opportunity to pedal and exploit the Scorpene issue would be given a miss by the nosey person?

Anwar Ibrahim Is a Race-baiter and a Liar - Lim Kit Siang

So that you know.

The grand announcement, "Confirmed! Kit Siang will do battle in Gelang Patah" and more Anwar Ibrahim ambiguity,
“It’s true that Gelang Patah was a PKR seat. But we can discuss.

I hold the opinion that it is still a PKR seat. But if Kit Siang comes and assists us, leads us and becomes the Gelang Patah candidate, I give him my full support,” Anwar told a cheering 20,000-strong crowd
The 20,000 strong crowd would have puked instead of cheering had Lim Kit Siang revealed to them what he knows of the Pakatan Rakyat chosen one,
"Recently, Anwar Ibrahim has been excelling himself every day by telling more lies and inciting more inter-racial misunderstanding and hatred, as if his political future is in great jeopardy.

What is worse, this race-baiting and incitement of inter-racial misunderstanding and hatred is built on lies.

For the good, of the nation and the people of Malaysia, I advise Anwar Ibrahim to stop telling lies and to stop inciting inter-racial hatred and misunderstanding" - Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Penang on Wednesday, 29th August 1990
For the good, of the nation and the people of Malaysia, this is the best chance to get rid of both the hypocrite, Lim Kit Siang, and his liar, Anwar Ibrahim, now and forever.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Malaysian 13th General Election - The Silent Majority For Your Consideration

To say that the 13th general election, which will soon be upon us, is the most anticipated is an understatement.

It an overstatement to say that the ruling party Barisan Nasional will win, with or without a 2/3 majority, no matter who or what says it will.

It would be naive and even foolhardy to say so. Those among us who support the BN have no illusions that this will be a hard fought and mother of all general elections.

No one can guarantee as a certainty where the Chinese, Indian, or even the Malay votes will go and a poll by University of Malaya showed the ruling coalition at 42 percent support compared with the opposition's 37 percent, but with 21 percent of voters undecided. Source Reuters, "Malaysia's Najib fires starting gun for tense election race"

A swing by any race of voters, communal politics is a reality, will have a significant impact in this GE.

Then there is the silent majority. I believe they represent this 21% of undecided voters and more discerning. A silent majority even among the loud opposition supporters. If and when the silent majority decides, as they have always done to tip the scales, they will be the other important determinant factor in the outcome in the most critical Malaysian election in the 21st century.

Therefore, to all the undecided and discerning silent majority, for your consideration.

A manifesto is a pledge and for the Pakatan Rakyat it will only be a pledge, an unfulfilled pledge.

This is what the Economist Intelligence Unit or EIU, said about Pakatan Rakyat's pledges,
By contrast, comments from the PR indicate no commitment to tackling Malaysia's weak public finances. The opposition alliance's economic agenda is intended to appeal strongly to a younger electorate and, taken collectively, appear as fiscally imprudent if not more so than the BN's voter-pleasing measures. The PR's populist items include free secondary education (abolition of student loans); lower car prices (through reform of the National Automotive Policy); a higher monthly minimum wage (of M$1,200, or US$390, compared with M$900 under the BN); the elimination of toll roads; and lower fuel prices.
and to emphasise broken promises, the EIU adds,
Yet the PR will be judged on how quickly it makes good on its election pledges. In Malaysia's richest state, Selangor, the alliance has already been accused of breaking its promises.
On the economy, the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto impudently, if not imprudently, says,
A sustainable economy is one that is owned and generated by the people. We need prosperous and skilled people to contribute their expertise and boost national productivity. When economic power is concentrated in the hands of the people, it is invested back into the economy.

Pakatan Rakyat believes that the country’s economic potential is being hampered by the interests of the power elite and their cronies. These minority groups reap a large amount of national wealth through the awarding of concessions and monopolies, while the majority bears the burden of a looming national debt.
The economy is the uppermost concern among voters according to the opposition leaning news online portal, The Malaysian Insider.

Now, read the whole gamut on economy in the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto drivel and then read the following, in verbatim, from the IMF February 28, 2013, "Malaysia Expected to Continue Robust, Demand-Led Growth"
Malaysia’s economy enjoyed robust, domestic-led growth in 2012, and is expected to grow by about 5 percent this year, accompanied by low unemployment and subdued inflation, say IMF economists.

In their regular report on the health of the Malaysian economy, the IMF economists say that the country continued the strong recovery that began in 2010 following the global crisis.

Increasing reliance on domestic demand

This growth has been fueled by the country’s increasing reliance on domestic demand. Higher spending by households, firms, and government on consumer and capital goods has offset weak exports to Europe and the rest of the world, says the IMF report.

Consumption has been supported by low interest rates, a strong labor market, and fiscal transfers to households. The growing trade in consumer goods among countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is also helping shield Malaysia’s economy from the downturn in many other parts of the world.

Private and public investments have been supported by low interest rates and the catalytic effect of projects under the government’s Economic Transformation Program, particularly in oil, gas, and infrastructure. The aim is to move Malaysia up the international value chain and turn it into a high-income nation by 2020.

The rebalancing of Malaysia’s economy toward greater domestic demand has led to a significant deterioration in Malaysia’s external current account balance—to a surplus of about 6 percent of GDP in 2012, compared to 11 percent in 2011.***

Skillful macroeconomic management

The report underscores that skillful macroeconomic management has underpinned strong, noninflationary growth despite the unsettled global conditions.

Monetary policy by Bank Negara Malaysia—the country’s central bank—has been appropriately supportive of growth in an economy facing external headwinds. Federal government fiscal policy, on the other hand, has been moderately contractionary. This, say IMF economists, is a measured and welcome step toward medium-term fiscal consolidation, which is needed to reverse the increase in federal government debt in recent years.

The report emphasizes that fiscal consolidation needs to be supported by structural fiscal reforms and by a move away from volatile and procyclical oil- and gas-related revenues. It welcomed the authorities’ plans to introduce a goods and services tax, and to gradually phase out costly universal fuel subsidies, replacing them with targeted support for the needy.

The report also applauded the authorities’ efforts to reform public financial management, and encouraged them to closely monitor the growing fiscal risks associated with the rising contingent liabilities of the federal government.

Malaysia’s robust financial sector

The IMF report welcomed the conclusion of the 2012 Financial Sector Assessment Program—undertaken by the IMF and World Bank—which found Malaysia’s financial sector to be robust, and underpinned by high levels of capital and a strong supervisory and regulatory framework.

It said the recent passage of financial legislation would help strengthen the legal framework for financial sector supervision, and praised the authorities’ use of targeted macroprudential policies to deal with risks associated with rising household debt and housing prices. The authorities’ close monitoring of developments and readiness to take any necessary, additional action was also welcomed.

Boosting productivity and inclusiveness

The IMF expects Malaysia’s economy to continue to perform well over the medium term. The report suggests that productivity and inclusiveness are likely to be boosted by investments under the country’s Economic Transformation Program, as well as by the wide-ranging reforms envisaged under the Government Transformation Program—a strategy to change the way Malaysia’s public sector operates.

Among reforms to make growth stronger, more balanced, and inclusive, are measures to boost the quality of education, which should help reduce Malaysia’s skills gap and increase the contribution of human capital in economic growth, and efforts to raise female labor force participation, which should help increase labor force growth. The report urges the Malaysian authorities to press ahead with the steady implementation of these reforms.

The IMF economists welcomed the introduction of a minimum wage in 2013, which should support the incomes of poorer workers, and recommends considering the introduction over time of unemployment insurance, and reforms to the pension system to further strengthen social protection.
The full IMF report.

For your kind consideration, when you decide.

*** Bank Negara on the current account surplus read here. Of note is Chart 1, Current Account Balance Narrowing After More Than a Decade of Surplus.

The current account of the country moved steadily into the blue and upward positive trend beginning 1998 till the present time. That in itself is also significant, as 1998 was the year of the sacking of a personality whose name is not worthy of mention, for the purpose of this post.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Malaysian Opposition Politics for Dummies

Malaysian politics is in high gear in the lead up to the impending 13th general elections. As a guide to newbies and reference for oldies, here are some facts to figure in a Malaysian Politics for Dummies.

For starters, newly elected Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong as quoted in the The Malaysian Insider, "Bar Council: AGC has enough proof to reopen Altantuya murder file",
“The revelations by Deepak Jaikishan, the late Balasubramaniam Perumal, and Americk Singh Sidhu raise sufficient concern to warrant further investigations by the authorities"
"Sufficient concern", yes careful words, but alas concern and not sufficient proof. As a popular phrase goes, so where's the beef?

He said, she said. The late PI Bala said what Altantuya said and what Najib Baginda said, what Deepak said and finally what Americk Singh Sidhu said Cecil Abraham said.

For the dummies, here is a tidbit as posted in the Malaysian Bar website, "A look at the role and significance of statutory declarations",
"This means that if it refers to a fact which could be seen or heard, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he saw it or heard it. If it refers to a fact which could be perceived by any other sense or in any other manner, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he perceived it by that sense or in that manner. Therefore when a person makes a statement about what someone told him, it would only be primary evidence of the fact that someone told him so; it would not be primary evidence of what was told. This by itself would considerably devalue the probity or veracity of a statutory declaration"
And what has this got to do with politics? I would advise, unsolicited it may be, to the newly minted Bar president not to be a stooge because the Bar Council is nobody’s stooge, in the PKR heavily influenced PII Bala episode.

Then there's the hot in the press Pakatan Rakyat assault on Barisan Nasional stronghold state, Johore, as announced by their would be PM, Anwar Ibrahim, announcing Kit Siang to contest in Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.

The dummy entry is not about DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang. Its about the PKR supremo Anwar, the pornstar, Ibrahim.

In an interview with the Sundaily, DAP national organising secretary and Rasah MP, Anthony Loke, is quoted,
"People expect the MP to be accessible through social media. That is the basic expectation – if you have no FB or Twitter you are out of touch. You must be visible and accessible. It is no longer easy nowadays for a politician to say different things to a different audience anymore! If you are not consistent, you will be caught so easily. In those days, people say you speak to please the respective communities, but it's not possible these days. Anytime people can tape your speeches and put it up on YouTube. If you are saying two different things, you will be caught so easily."
It certainly sounds as if YB Anthony Loke is referring to the pornstar Anwar.

Apart from, “Plotting,” replies Mr Anwar, with a conspiratorial wink, this is what The Economist wrote of the DAP choice for PM,
This points to a trap waiting to catch the silver-tongued Mr Anwar, who deftly tells different audiences—religious or secular—what they like to hear.
And speaking of Anwar Ibrahim another another one for dummies. His daughter and smarty-pants Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah, has sued the election commission, in The Malaysian Insider "After Santiago, Nurul Izzah hauls EC to court on electoral roll,
"Nurul Izzah said that an additional 2,000 voters were expected to be registered in the Lembah Pantai electoral roll for the fourth quarter of 2012, totalling about 73,000 voters.

“We had 50,000 voters in 2008,” said the PKR vice-president."
Never mind that the EC had not been told of Nurul's dubious voters complaint and another usual opposition suspect from the Bar Council in the shape of loyar burok, Edmund Bon, and about phantom voters.

Why should Nurul Izzah be concerned about phantoms and increased number of voters? After all, not only on his assault on Johore but also other states, Lim Kit Siang confidently predicts in TMI, "Pakatan can win 12 more federal seats in Election 2013, says Kit Siang",
Lim said many of the seats he named had seen a significant jump in the number of first-time voters, whom he believed come from the younger generation and were likely to be drawn to PR’s policies compared to “BN’s scaremongering references to the past”.
See, see, see or not? Big jump in first time voters and likely to to vote Pakatan Rakyat.

For Nurul Izzah, a choice item for dummies - Lim Kit Siang makes no mention of phantom voters.

Yes, the assault on Johore is making tsunami waves and poor PKR Johore state chief, Datuk Jimmy Chua Jui Meng, seems to have sojourned himself to some of retreat and nowhere to be seen, sulking it seems.

Jimmy Chua Jui Meng could be looking for church leaders to cure his present bad luck. To clear the phantoms and demons. And voodoo.

The final entry of the day for dummies.

You see,
"He had been subtly charmed and had ‘voodoo’ planted into his body. It was through fervent prayers and fasting by church leaders that he was delivered and had seven needles taken out of his body in the name of Jesus"