Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MH 370:Western Media and Assholes

With the greatest of respect to relatives of the passengers and crew of the fateful flight MH 370 no offense is intended, expressedly to them, for the use of explicit words for this post.

To them have always been my prayers and hopes.

Someone commented on radio, in relation to the missing jet liner, Malaysians always come together in times of crisis that affects the nation.

This is absolutely true.

The Asian financial crisis, man made without a doubt, Malaysians rallied with and together under the able stewardship of then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir weathered that stormy times.

Another person at the center of that storm was Anwar Ibrahim.

Which brings me to that first asshole, the same Anwar Ibrahim.

CNN reports and quotes the asshole, what else? Condemning the Government and its agencies in this widely acknowledged as unprecedented and difficult moment in time.

Only Anwar Ibrahim and the Western media have seen fit to be critical of our Government in handling the situation.

But what else is new? The asshole never change.

From the day I was made aware of missing flight MH 370, as one who has followed the events unfolding and listened to numerous statements made by all relevant agencies involved in the SAR and now search for the missing aircraft, I have never been confused or misunderstood all that is being said and done.

It is only the media, especially the Western media, who have twisted words and actions of those charged in handling this situation.

Again, we are the natives living in trees, the white man is always the master, of any situation.

Lest we forget, the white man has been the cause of more dire situations in the world, in recent time - wars and distabilisation of nations.

And yes, the first asshole like the white man of the west, jumps at every opportunity to deride our Govt, for cheap political mileage.

As, acting transport minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, rightly said, Malaysia too have sons and daughters on flight MH 370.

Even if there were no Malaysians on board our Govt would be doing the same - doing its very best in any crisis.

Thats why we are proud to be Malaysians.

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