Sunday, December 29, 2019

Usual Suspects Part II

Nga Kor Ming has cross swords with his Menteri Besar, albeit without a denial, non more distressingly as in the case of Paul Yong Choo Kiong in the onset of being charged for rape.

While the Perak Menteri Besar had given his blessings to Paul Yong to return to executive council duties, Nga has different ideas on the "Tronoh assemblyman Paul Yong’s return to legislative duties while facing trial for alleged rape appears to have been without the consent of his leaders in Perak DAP, going by an audio clip that is being shared on WhatsApp"

Nga said he has no comment.  

I asked, why is Aziz responding to matters beyond his purview?

Well, for starters how about “In Perak, it is a known fact that DAP wanted Aziz Bari to be in that post" (the Menteri Besar post) and corroborating Nga's disdain for Paul Yong above, "The Perak MB’s move to allow Paul Yong, a DAP state executive councillor accused of rape, to return to work pending the outcome of his trial has also angered the DAP."

It has to be said Nga being featured denigrating Paul Yong warrants some attention. Why would DAP supporters want him to resign?

It had earlier been reported of Nga Kor Ming’s ambiguous defence of a DAP lawmaker whom colleagues believe is the target of a conspiracy. 

Also in the same report, Nga and his cousin, Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham, have held the reins of Perak DAP for over a decade, which is common knowledge,

It thus comes as no surprise for Ngeh to issue a statement within a statement with matters boiling over.

Ngeh's statement is headlined "Call on the police to quickly conduct a full investigation into the possibility of a political conspiracy in Paul Yong’s case as has been reported by me to the police".

Ngeh had made a police report that a "man who brought the Indonesian maid to lodge a police report over her alleged rape by a Perak executive council member received RM100,000" and that he "had  met the man face to face, in the presence of other YBs."

This would be at somewhat at odds with Ngeh's statement within a statement above about "friction between Paul Yong and the DAP Perak State leadership by calling for the resignation of YB Nga Kor Ming" as the supporters calling for Nga to resign seem to give no credence to the police report made by Ngeh.

The statement within the statement also stated Paul has informed me that this group (calling for Nga's resignation) has nothing to do with him.

What is important to note is that a conspiracy to frame Paul Yong has been raised whether within or without the confines of the DAP.

Not only would a conspiracy point to Paul Yong's innocence it is further buttressed by this report "lawyer Gabriel Susayan and Shalvin Kanvinchelvan, who was appointed as watching brief by the victim’s mother, said the victim might have been used as a political pawn in the case."

It thus comes down to who is the "black hand" in a conspiracy to frame Paul Yong?

Well, Paul has reportedly come forward to "insist no ‘black hand’ from Perak DAP leadership in his rape case". and "Yong said that the Perak DAP committee led by Nga Kor Ming has consistently supported him".

Absent in the report is Nga denying being the person in the audio clip insulting Paul.

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